Saturday , August 13 2022

The German journalist opens the brochure on the violation of Sylvie and Bart


"They are definitely separated," Kaninka knows of a reliable source. It is said that they both made the decision at an influential event in Vienna. "There is a big difference between their personalities. Sylvie enjoys traveling, leaving, doing business. Bart does not do it, so it does not fit in his life."

The couple faced April 1. "It was a fight during the event in Vienna, after which it was immediately", continues the journalist. "His differences were too great and Sylvie was not satisfied because he no longer wants to do and wants to come to these holidays."

"It simply does not fit in your life and they had a different idea about the future of your relationship," continues Kaninka. The German has heard the news from reliable sources. "A friend from Bart spoke to me about this, but also that he will not be present on his birthday. The reservation passed from four to three people."

Sylvie will now be eating with her brother and her husband. Kaninka does not know if Bart is still in Hamburg. "But at least it's not with Sylvie," he says.

"It was the election of Sylvie," says Kaninka. "Bart is very loyal and happy with her. She is in love and wanted to build a life with her. Sylvie, of course, did not fit her image of the future."

He fell crude on the roof for Bart. "He is very sad and still has to do it." Over time, it will be clear how the news will be processed and if it will comment on its breakdown.

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