Friday , September 24 2021

The new digital PlayStation 5 model is lighter than 300 grams

While the PlayStation 5’s specifications are fixed, that doesn’t mean the hardware isn’t being handled under the hood. More than once in a generation improved models appear that, for example, are a little cheaper. Parts also want to change from time to time, for example to save costs. Something you, as a consumer, notice relatively little.

However, this change applies to the digital edition of PlayStation 5. A manual from the Japanese PlayStation website shows through the spec page that a new version of the digital console has been slightly adjusted in terms of weight . Normally, this console weighs 3.9 kilos, but the new version weighs 3.6 kilos. As a result, 300 grams of total weight has been deducted.

It is not entirely clear where the gains are made and this also seems to be the only significant “adjustment”. A small detail, but it makes a difference. It is not known when exactly this new model will be available in Europe. The Japanese model number of this variant is: CFI-1100B01.

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