Saturday , May 8 2021

Thrombosis experts full of misunderstandings about AstraZeneca injection rupture NOW

Thrombosis experts are surprised that a temporary injection stop is decided with the AstraZeneca vaccine based on incomplete data and without expert consultation. “If you pass all the experts, you approach arrogance,” says Professor Hugo ten Cate. “I’m getting angrier and angrier about how this went,” Ten Cate said of Volkskrant.

It was announced on Friday that the vaccine will no longer be given to people under the age of sixty at the moment, because now five women in the Netherlands have also been diagnosed with thrombosis after receiving the vaccine. But so far, nothing points to the suspicious clinical picture that there is currently so much to do, experts say.

“This is shocking,” says Frits Rosendaal, a professor of clinical epidemiology who specializes in thrombosis. “This has to be a political decision, for fear that there will be more cases and that the government will be accused of a lax attitude.” According to vascular doctor and professor Pieter Willem Kamphuisen, the decision to temporarily stop vaccination was made primarily on the basis of emotions and not on the basis of science. “You have to analyze the data first and only then draw conclusions.”

The Netherlands awaits a new opinion from the European Drug Regulator (EMA). The EEA Security Committee will meet again on Wednesday. It is then clear how many reports of thrombosis with a small number of platelets exist in Europe and what the risk of these medical complaints is.

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