Saturday , May 8 2021

Van Barneveld has been fighting the Depression for four years now

Barney he doubted more and more whether he still has to continue the darts. "I'm looking for answers to the question in myself: why not? I have not been home for years, it's getting harder and harder, especially because for some time I did not win big prizes," he says in the latest edition of the sports magazine. Heroes. "Again, and I repeat the pain, I am tired of that."

He says he has been struggling with depression for four years. "The body is falling more and more and I do not want to fall once. People talk about burning, they met me at the hospital."

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Van Barneveld still can not enjoy defeat. "I think the right thought is the right word. I throw things through my room, ugly to my friends and family, I'm talking downstairs, I am my worst enemy."

And again, the world cup would like to get up. "It would be nice if it came back on my side, I would like to become a world champion again, and hold my cup for my grandchildren, I would like to continue a few more years." I am proud Dutch, I like to go out for my country. "

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