Wednesday , May 18 2022

Vright and Cross eliminated in the second round of Grand Slam or Darts NOW


Peter Vright and Rob Cross were eliminated on Wednesday in the second round of the Grand Slam Darts in Wolverhampton. Scotland number two and third in the world lost Simona Vhitlocka (10-6) and Mensura Suljovic (10-7).

Wright was holding Wittle away from him, little by little, and he failed to return to the Australian.

Although last year's final loser scored approximately the same average as Vhitlock (93.86 to 94.95), the double percentage was slightly further separated (31.58 to 40).

The cross began to be extremely weak towards Suljovic – which resulted in a deficit of 5-1 – which ensured that he was constantly behind the facts.

The magnificent world champion still had the chance to score 5-5, but after he had not used it, his match collapsed as a home away from the cards.

Cross made a low average of 92.23 points for his work, and a double percentage remained fully desired with 26.92.

Van den Bergh throws nine darts

Vhitlock and Suljovic Friday in the quarter-finals against Gervin Price (10-5 against Josh Paine) and Dimitri Van den Bergh (10-6 against Stephen Bunting).

Van den Bergh threw nine darts against Bunting. He made a perfect leg in the fifteenth leg with a score of 8-6 for two consecutive 180 and 141 finishes (triple 20, triple 19 and double 12).

The twenty-five-year Youth Champion for Youth did not really have a bad level for the rest and almost the entire match was on the average of the nineties.

Van den Bergh and Bunting rose to 4-4, but then our southern neighbor escaped further, and eventually his nickname was 'DreamMaker'. in the end with the first nine-legs he was ever prof.

Van Den Bergh also threw the ninth star as the fourth Grand Slam darts player. He followed the steps of James Vade (2008), Kim Huibrechtsa (2014) and Dave Chisnalla (2015).

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