Thursday , May 13 2021

Zukerberg does not talk about cooperation with the controversial PR agency of the SAD

Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg says he does not know about cooperation with the PR agency Deferens Public Affairs, which would distribute dozens of negative articles about other technology companies.

The founder of Facebook was only introduced after that The New York Times the PR news agency said on Thursday. This, among other things, reports Gizmodo.

The New York Times he investigated dozens of distributed negative fake articles about Facebook. Facebook critics were also associated with US billionaire George Soro, who is regularly associated with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories by conspiracy theorists.

The Definers contributed to Soros as a silence beyond the vast anti-Facebook movement. PR agency urged journalists to investigate Soros's financial links with anti-Facebook clients.

Soros has in the past been critical of big technology companies like Facebook and Google. He described businesses as monopolistic threats that do not have the will to protect society from their influence.

Facebook interrupts with the Definers

Also, Definers Public Affairs has released negative reports on Apple and Google on the site NTK network. These messages were regularly downloaded by conservative US news sites, including Breitbart.

The fact that Facebook collaborated with a controversial PR agency was previously reported by other US news sites, such as Politico i Akios. The public affairs of the Definers from Washington were founded by Republican activists.

After publishing The New York Times Facebook has broken links with the PR agency.

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