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A2 milk says strong growth continued in the first 4 months of FG19


A2 Milk Co. said strong growth continued in the past four months and remains sensational in regulatory changes in China.

Revenues from four months to October rose to $ 368.4 million, up 40.5 percent from the same period last year, while earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and depreciation rose by 58.5 percent 124.2 million dollars. The net profit was $ 86 million, an increase of 64.5 percent, the company said in a deal at the annual Melbourne meeting.

"We had a great year and we started strongly at the age of 19. We have a strong brand, a special culture and a unique proposal, a combination that makes us very well positioned for the future," said Executive Director Jaine Hrdlicka.

She stressed that the company is not concerned about the current regulatory dynamics in China and other countries of the world. In China, the company manages a multi-channel approach to selling its products, using online platforms such as, and T-Mall Alibaba, along with cigars and mortar stores. In the first four months of the current financial year, it has increased its distribution from 10,000 to 12,000 stores.

For the formula for infants there are two registrations needed for label products in China, said Hrdlicka. One is for individual products and the other for mixing and preserving facilities used for the production of products. The registration of A2 formula for babies was provided a year ago and Sinlait Milk production plant was registered which produces its products on the South Island of New Zealand.

"We believe that we are in a good position compared to many other international companies, especially those with smaller brands, and we will invest in the market to ensure the construction of a Chinese business that is highly respected by the regulatory framework," she said. said.

In August, the Chinese government adopted a new law that provides a framework for all China-related electronic commerce activities, both domestic and cross-border.

"We expect this legislation to require that all CBEC platforms and traders register on a jeep as importers in China, respect the basic protection of consumers and pay the full taxable amount," Hrdlicka said.

"A2 Milk and our well-managed network daigou expect and prepare for these changes for some time."

In the future, she reiterated that she expects income growth, but with a somewhat more moderate rate of 33.7% of the experience in the past four months.

The company predicts that ebitda-to-sales will be "broadly consistent" with the previous year. It expects a higher percentage of gross margin to compensate for increased market costs as a percentage of sales and further investment in higher resources. In the first four months of the year, the course was also positively influenced, something that is expected to be reversed during the balance sheet of the year.

A2 Milkova ebitda to the sales margin was 30.7 percent in the period to June, compared to 25.7 percent in the previous year

The last stock traded at $ 10.47 and this year it grew by 29.7%.


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