Thursday , June 30 2022

An 85-year-old man shares travel-loss travel on Instagram


This is a weight loss journey that you will want to follow.

davidciril_sv / INSTAGRAM

This is a weight loss journey that you will want to follow.

Sharing your roadmap to Instagram is nothing new, but we did not see many 85-year-olds doing it.

Perhaps that's why David Kiril became such an Internet sensation with his new Instagram account.

The 85-year-old from Lancashire, England, says he joined Instagram to get the "encouragement he needs" to reach his target weight.

In his first post, Kiril explains how he joined the Slimming Worth Group, but he was trying to keep weight.

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"I was a member of Slimming War in a few years, but after I lost 2 stones in the beginning, I have retired to my starting weight since then," explains Kiril, along with a photo of him sitting in the bench and holding a recipe book.

"My daughters suggested that I initiate this account after one of them posted a picture of me on my Slimming War account, which got a lot of will and positive feedback. I think this account will start to encourage me to achieve the goal. ! "

Most posts show that Siril is drawn into healthy meals and snacks and to share regular information on how much weight he has lost so far (13lbs, according to his bio).

He even managed to win a special prize: g. Sleek 2018.

Since he set up his account in September, Ciril launched nearly 50,000 followers – and now he certainly gets enough encouragement.

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