Thursday , October 6 2022

Brush with a beautiful life


"Happy Christmas", a motor sports representative, addressed the head of communications and public relations at Giltrap Group, Shaun Summerfield, with a smile, while giving me the keys to Lamborghini Urus.

Although this Monday morning has perk-to-business recording quality, Summerfield is actually there, which has a strong resemblance to a cheerful man in a red suit, and Lambo is definitely real. All the $ 380.0000 worth of light yellow, luxurious Italian, futuristically clenched beast.

& # 39; & # 39; It's a monster, & # 39; & # 39; Summerfield gladly announces, and special sheets give Urus the same colossal output as the V8 Supercar, I'm ready to trust him.

The twin-turbo V8 starts, this is not an ordinary SUV. The pump is 650hp and has a maximum speed of 305kmh. Unfortunately, during my journey from the Highlands Motorsport Park to Queenstown, I did not manage to test this party, but I got to drive Lamborghini. Aim of life: just.

Although my Urus was the first of its kind on the Southern island, about eight remained around the island, 28, according to marketing coordinator Giltrap Group Jordan Darrow.

He and Summerfield were on their way from three cities with a $ 4 million supercar in the lift. Queenstown / Cromwell was on the road for the first time, and then Christchurch and Wellington. The plan was to show cars to the public so they could cheat them and offer a test drive to lucky drivers who had spare hundreds of thousands to buy them.

Starting from $ 340,000 without any additions, Urus is the cheapest of its brand and probably the most practical.

Also part of the trip was the aggressive Aventador. The package is nearly 100 pounds and represents the essence of purebred Lamborghini – with archetypal scallop doors. Prepare for participation with another $ 300,000 for it even though they have difficulty entering or exiting it elegantly.

There were gentlemen Bentleys, McLaren masterpieces and James Bond of Aston Martin who fought for attention, but I chose Urus from a bunch of super cars.

Since I did not drive many Lamborghini in my time (i.e. Zero), I admit that it took me time to find out which button, dial, knob and handle actually gets a big deal.

Summerfield, without any uncertain condition, made it clear that the damage to Urus would damage his prospects for employment. So, with the raised upset that I crawled from Highlands parking, he turned nervously to the left of the Queensland, and then pulled his right foot to the floor. Wait a few seconds of inconspicuous joy later – 3.6 to be precise – I hit the speed limit and the cowardly tiger that is devouring under Urus's belt pulled up and got it. I knew it was there all the time, but there were only limited opportunities to get rid of all its visceral, bury your spine in the headquarters – 478kV power and 850nm of torque – glory.

I mostly appreciated the redundant interior, classical just like the Italians and the soft-padded oil that comes with the interior of the cab riding on a 21inch tire. I almost got stuck when I looked at fuel consumption ranging between 14 liters and 15 liters / 100 km, and then I quickly remembered that I did not fill this thirsty puppy. I guess if you can go for a car that costs the same as a house in some more affordable parts of New Zealand, then you do not worry about excessive fuel bills.

Although the super luxury SUV will not play at the New Zealand Continental Championship in Highlands next Saturday, super-fast cars will be there in abundance. I look forward to watching them ride on the track, in a way that I can not ride on public highways.

Like many fans of Kivi Rallia, I will also take care of Haiden Paddon who competes in Rally Australia this weekend and hoping to repeat his podium in 2017. As for the next year, our driver VRC has not confirmed anything. The rumor is in full swing, but until Haiden announces his announcement, I will not speculate.

Catherine Pattison
Motor writer

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