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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 is seeing more and more likely


Although we still do not have enough to make a definitive confirmation, we now have another track that points out that the next game of Call of Duty is Modern Warfare 4. Or, rather, five more tracks.

LinkedIn profiles for at least five old Infinity Ward developers show that they are back with the study of Modern Warfare. Each of them has a story with the Modern Warfare series. Managing Director of Infinity Ward, Mark Grigsby, worked in the first two games of Modern Warfare, as well as game designer Alex Roycewicz, the multiplayer design director Geoff Smith and director of # 39 Joel Emslie studio art. Founder of Infinity Ward, Zied Rieke, who left the company after working in the three Modern Warfare games, has returned as a game manager.

The five men have had lasting impacts on Call of Duty. Grigsby helped define the weapons of Call of Duty, even creating the popular Melee attack on Modern Warfare. Both Roycewicz and Smith designed some of the most memorable multiplayer franchise maps, such as Overgrown and Wetwork of Modern Warfare. Emslie designed some of the most prominent characters and items of Call of Duty, such as Ghost and the ghillie dress. Rieke had a great effect, being the person in charge to design the original logic of creation of a team of death in the first Call of Duty and the system of intermittent regenerative health of Call of Duty 2, that continued being implemented and influencing in Many calls for Rights titles.

Before taking his current roles to Infinity Ward, each of the five contributed his talent to other games. Grigbsy, Roycewicz, Smith and Emslie were all in Respawn, working together on Titanfall and Titanfall 2. Rieke went to Respawn during the development of Titanfall, but then founded Darwin Game Studio in 2012 and then joined Naughty Dog on 2013 before returning to Infinity Ward.

Infinity Ward is the developer behind Modern Warfare of 2007, Modern Warfare 2 of 2009 and Modern Warfare 3 of 2011. It is always suspected that Infinity Ward would be the next developer to launch a Call of Duty title, according to the pattern of the studies they are working on in the franchise. . Now it has been confirmed (the game of Call of Duty that the studio is working is still in a playable state).

The rumors that Modern Warfare 4 would be the next game of Call of Duty appeared for the first time when Ashton Williams, senior communications manager of Infinity Ward, dropped a track in the series. However, neither Infinity Ward nor Activision have given more insight into whether the rumors are true.

Activision has usually revealed the title of each Call of Duty game in May, so we could be getting some announcement soon and more details and a game that will be revealed at E3 2019. We do not know much about the new Call of Duty will include a traditional single player campaign, unlike the Black Ops last year 4. Activision has also confirmed that the game will have a "big multiplayer expansive world" and "fun cooperative game." Since Call of Duty has enjoyed a lot of multiplayer modes in the past, however, from target-based zombies to the Battle of Royale Blackout, these descriptions could mean anything.

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