Monday , September 27 2021

Covid 19 coronavirus: Jetstar suspends scheduled flights from Auckland to the Cook Islands until next year


Jetstar of Australia is not part of the Cook Islands quarantine free travel bubble. Photo / Supplied

Jetstar has suspended flights from Auckland to Rarotonga until next March.

A disappointed customer who had paid to travel in October was informed today that his booking had been canceled.

Jetstar had sold tickets earlier this year in hopes that Australia would have joined the quarantine-free travel agreement by then.

In an email to the customer, the airline said: “We regret to inform you that Jetstar is suspending its services between Auckland and Rarotonga until March 28, 2022.”

A Jetstar spokesman told the Herald that it had decided to cancel services in Rarotonga to date for various operational reasons.

“However, we intend to resume this route by the end of March 2022 if not earlier.”

Jetstar services in Rarotonga originate in Australia (Fifth Freedom Operation), so they are not currently part of the NZ-Cook Island bubble.

The email stated that customers had the following options:

1) A Jetstar credit voucher to the full value of your unbooked booking, or

2) Refund of the total value of the reservation without traveling to the form of payment of this reservation or

3) Free transfer to the next travel date available after March 29, 2022.

The Jetstar spokesperson told customers that they opted for a refund of their Jetstar fare and still wanted to travel to Rarotonga, Air New Zealand would offer them the option to book directly with them (subject to availability).

Trips have been complicated by Covid-19 outbreaks in Australia.  Photo / Supplied
Trips have been complicated by Covid-19 outbreaks in Australia. Photo / Supplied

The email said Air New Zealand would respond to customers in order of travel date. Customers can expect to know on these approximate dates:

• Travel in October: from 9 August.

• Travel in November and December: from 16 August

• Travel between January and March – from 23 August.

Jetstar told customers, “If you have a travel insurance policy that covers incidents like this and you plan to file a claim, this letter may be a good one to include. We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience this ad caused. and we look forward to welcoming you on one of our flights in the future. “

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