Monday , May 10 2021

Dignity donates 10,000 sanitary products

The launch company, Vellington, Digniti, donated 10,000 pads and tampons to students across the country.

Dignity was founded by Vellington entrepreneurs Jacinta Gulasekharam and Miranda Hitchings two years ago.

The young duo started his business while studying at the University of Victoria, hoping to complete "poverty in the period" in New Zealand's high schools.

Hitchings says: "The period of sanitary products cost women an average of $ 15,000 during their lifetime."

She says that the costs of high school students and their families could become a burden that would result in some having to use toilet paper.

"It can lead to traumatic experiences, social anxiety, and in some cases, it can make girls almost collect school," says Hitchings.

Dignity provides periodic products to girls over 50 schools throughout New Zealand.

"We are in the mission to make sanitary wares for the time completely free for every woman in New Zealand," says Gulasekharam.

"In the end, we would like to have a model in which all working women have their sanitary products paid by their employer, and in return all girls in high schools in New Zealand donate them."

Gulasekharam says that poverty in the past has been unthinkable in the past despite health problems affecting half of the population.

"Dignity puts an end to the taboo and the damage that poverty causes throughout our country. We have 10,000 boxes, but we just start."

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