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Gold Coast Titans players warned that the looting of Garth Brennan will not be the last


Titans players have been warned that they will continue to coach Garth Brennan evicted if they do not increase the rules.

After a wear and tear on Mal Meninga's performance and culture on Monday, the intensity of the training on Thursday was remarkably higher in a team that was already given an important move.

The forward defender Jarrod Wallace hit his mouth, as the players immediately responded to Meninga, Craig Hodges, Luke Burt, Ezra Howe, and Burleigh Bears coach Jim Lenihan. He called for an effort-based approach.

Experienced leaders, Dale Copley and Michael Gordon, talked about the "line in the sand" drawn by Meninga and the club hierarchy that has not left any excitement to the game group over which it is waiting now and in the future

"Obviously, Garth ended his contract and we are still under review," explained Copley.

"It's the first one, but I dare say it will not be the last.

"We are all now checked. He is the first to lose his job, but if the season is over today, we will get the wooden spoon.

"As a game group we have eight weeks, that's all we know."

Gordon resumes this week after being authorized for a life-threatening blood disorder and is likely to last year's NRL career before joining next year with the Tweed Coast Raiders in Northern Rugby League Rugby.

He said that the group of players remained with a very clear understanding of what the club officials are expecting now of those who take the Titans shirt.

"We had a meeting the other day and the club made it clear that it is already on board the place where they want to go or will happen," said the 35-year-old who had 255 parties.

"You have to get to buy what they try to do or get upset.

"The line has been drawn in the sand. We have been unsatisfactory, there is no way to end up with sugar. The club financially and out of the field is in a good position and now it's the players.

"Only people want to join the club who want to be part of the club and want to be part of this that is successful. If you're going to sit down in stone and be selfish, you'll continue."

After spending so much time in the "Broncos" as in the "Roosters", Copley admitted that he thought Brennan's training intensity was, in some cases, short of waiting for an NRL team.

Utility of Titans back to Michael Gordon.
Utility of Titans back to Michael Gordon.
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"There has been a clear change of attitude and probably has noticed a change in the intensity of the training," Copley said.

"It seemed to me that at times we could have done more intense things with fewer interruptions in our training sessions," he said.

"The thing was that what we were doing did not work, so we had to change things.

"There was nothing, but either the club was honest with this and, as players, we have to jump on board and buy what happens to take the club and the vision they have."

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