Sunday , May 9 2021

Golf: Kiwi golfer Josh Geary remains fuming after 'errorboard score'; costs him a European Tour card

Kiwi golfer Josh Geary is angry after failing to keep his European career – and shot at big money – in controversial circumstances in Spain overnight.

It was necessary to finish the tournament in the Lumine golf tournament in Tarragona in the 25 best players, the 34-year-old missed only one shot, which brought him two – below 69 to finish 15 in a couple of games in the 28th minute.

This means that Geary will miss the game for big winning checks on the European tour of the following season, instead of appearing on the second level Challenge Tour.

Bogey on par 5th hole proved expensive, and Geary, who played at the Open 2009 championship and had five career victories, told Herald he was fuming after the leader in the final game did not show what the result of the golfer was on 25 was on.

He thinks he needs an eagle or maybe a bird to keep his ticket, Geary attacked the green with his second shot at a pair of fifty-eight. He ended up with anxiety.

You would play a hole differently if you knew the results.

"I've played excellently to the last hole," said Gary.

"I did not know where I was sitting, to be honest, the board had only the top eight results, so I thought I needed an eagle or a bird to finish because it would be 18 years.

"I went green in two in a pair that was a risky shot, but the goal I was supposed to play was thinking and went off with trouble, and then I found out that the pair would be good enough."

This is a result that is worrying for Geary, who earned $ 170,000 this year on a European tour, eight cuts to 22 events.

Geary can not believe that the leaders did not show him what to do in the last hole.

"Just the way it was going on, it's still more than choking to be honest because it would obviously be a simple way and the field would be good, but I had no idea about the results and about what it would take for something I did not have to go and it was even worse than missing something that is normal, "Geary said.

"It should surely be the result of the 25th guy because the top 10 results are basically irrelevant, everyone knows how important the 25th card is. At the end of the fourth round they had a line of cross-section on the board, but today they had no numbers.

Josh Geary failed to finish at the top 25 in the final stage of the European Qualifying Tournament in Spain. Photo / Getti
Josh Geary failed to finish at the top 25 in the final stage of the European Qualifying Tournament in Spain. Photo / Getti

"I guess because the weather was pretty good, so thinking like a cut could be below 18 or maybe 17, because of pressure and thinking I needed three or maybe four, but it turned out that there was a need for five and that's what it would do .

"It's really frustrating because you can not use your mobile phone to look at the board so there's no way to know where you stood, and you just suppose and in that situation in the last hole it was great or dying for a moment and proved to be expensive and strange. "

He returns to the Challenge Challenge 2019 for Geary, but remains optimistic that he can return quickly and return to the European Tour.

"I suppose I've finished high in the category that I just missed, so I'll probably win eight to ten in the next year on a European tour, and maybe I will invite another couple to potentially withdraw a bit," he said.

"At the beginning of the year, I'm likely to play the Challenge Tour and get the European Tour starting in the middle to late season, so it could work well in terms of keeping the overall schedule. There are positive ones because I feel like I'm playing great golf and as I have several opportunities I feel it might soon be a breakthrough. "

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