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On Monday, November 12, 2018, IRONMAN and IRONMAN Foundation will host the world premier review of the 2018 IRONMAN world championship brought by Amazon. The sixth annual screening event will be presented by the New York Health & Rackuet Club at The Times Center in New York with opening doors at 5:30 am. The sharing of the endowment for the evening affair will be "The Voice of IRONMAN" and the captain of the IRONMAN team, Mike Reilli, together with IRONMAN Foundation ambassador and anchor and Fok Sports reporter Shannon Spake, as they bring guests to the magic of 2018 IRONMAN World Championship given by Amazon , which took place on October 13 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

The red carpet gala starts with a welcome reception and a quiet auction before the screening premier Emma awards the annual NBC show IRONMAN of the World Championship. Event participants will get a first glimpse of fierce competition and striking storylines especially before being broadcast on NBC on November 24 at 4:30 pm. ET (check local time and channel lists). The evening will end with a moderated K & A panel featuring represented athletes who competed at this year's World Cup and coming out IRONMAN mantra "ALL IS POSSIBLE."

During the reception, the participants will have the opportunity to meet and greet the age group athletes, as well as current and former professional athletes. Special guests include:

  • Patrick Lange: Last year's IRONMAN world champion added another record performance in his summary with the victory at the 2018 world championship brought by Amazon. Last October, Lange became the first athlete in the history of the race to break through the eight-hour barrier. He reduced his victory by celebrating a marriage proposal on the target line to his girlfriend Julia, who said "YES!"
  • Sarah True: Double Olympic, True was a top US women's professional at the 2018 world championship brought to you by Amazon, finishing fourth. She adds this performance to a long list of achievements, including the fourth place in the 2016 triathlon of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.
  • Rachel Brenke: Brenke is a power plant that seems to be doing it all. A mother of five, she spent 11 years in cancer, a lawyer and a successful businessman who now mentors young entrepreneurs while they are alone in the corporate world. She has shown her commitment to sport and the ability to balance what life can bring while achieving her goals.
  • Marcus Cook: In just one year and a half, Marcus fell from 489 pounds to 233 pounds. After the death of a close friend, Marcus decided to make huge changes in his lifestyle and now his success is attributed to the triathlon. He competed in his first IRONMAN triathlon in 2017 at the Memorial Herman IRONMAN North American Championship Tekas and raised over $ 100,000 to support the IRONMAN Foundation.
  • Isabella de la Houssaie: Isabella is the mother of a five-year-old multi-tasker, IRONMAN, who continues to fight IV stage lung cancer. With incredible durability and the end of the racing part of IRONMAN World Championship, Isabella has now completed a marathon in all 50 countries.
  • Glenn Hartrick: In 2014, Glenn hit the car, leaving it paraplegic. Formerly established IRONMAN triangle, Glenn immediately sought ways to continue competing. His insistence on his therapist to allow him to break through the engine at the parking lot of his rehabilitation facility opened his world paratryatlon.
  • Brent and Kile Pease: Pease brothers founded the Kile Pease Foundation to enable athletes with disabilities to share the joy of a runner of endurance. Inspired by Hoyts, Brent compete with his brother, Kylie, who has a spasmodic quadriplegia cerebral paralysis, drags him in swimming, rides with him on a bicycle, and pushes him into a specially designed wheelchair in a race. Brothers are only the second duo in that category that has ever finished the IRONMAN World Championship.
  • Sarah Reinertsen: Reinertsen is the first amputation above her knee, which ended in 2005 with IRONMAN world championship, which has achieved her feat. She later became the gold medalist who won the paratroopers. This year she returned to Kona to celebrate her place in history and IRONMAN'S "40 Years of Dreaming".

"After we won our 17th Emmy Award, we are excited to return to New York and the premiere of this year's Special NBC Special World Championship NBC ahead of its 24th November airline," said Christopher Stadler, Chief Marketing Officer for IRONMAN. "The broadcast specialist gives spectators an excellent view of the really incredible event, and since we celebrated our 40th anniversary, this year's IRONMAN World Championship was no exception. We are honored to work with the IRONMAN Foundation while continuing to grow this red carpet event and a quiet auction to a larger audience than ever before, collecting money for a great thing. "

The IRONMAN Foundation has since supported more than $ 50 million. Revenue from the evening will benefit from the IRONMAN Foundation Community Fund, which provides grants to non-profit organizations in racial communities in which IRONMAN events are held.

In addition to the funds collected from the sale of events, the IRONMAN Foundation will hold a silent auction with a series of unique items including this year's final IRONMAN world championship title signed by the top three professional men's and women's finalists, an autographed jersey signed by NFL launched by Todd Gurlei and IRONMAN 70.3 Puerto Rico experience in the package, just to name a few. Online bidding is now available and open to event participants and the general public by visiting the IRONMAN Foundation Silent Auction page.

There will also be an opportunity to be offered during the live auction at the premier at a lifetime opportunity to compete at the IRONMAN World Championship 2019 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and the World Championship of IRONMAN 70.3 in Nice , France.

"IRONMAN Foundation is looking forward to celebrating 40 years of dreams in New York, while creating tangible differences in our racial communities," said Sarah Hartmann, Acting Executive Director of IRONMAN Foundation. "The event celebrates the inspiration, perseverance and commitment of IRONMAN athletes and the" Service through Sports, Community Commitment "Foundation." "

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