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Keanu Reeves returns with the series of John Wick, but really did he go?


OPINION: Ahh, the comeback.

Hollywood blogs and gossip cloths are full of stories from actors who do these supposed things. Everyone, from Matthew McConaughey to Tom Cruise, to Robert Downey Jr. had their careers described in a modified stage of the word "Renaissance." But there is a small difference with Keanu Reeves.

McConaughey graduated in the fun way of rom – like a brave character who acted in projects like Mud, Killer Joe i True detective.

Cruise overcame her unfocused personality as an ardent scientist to win the reputation of the hottest man in Hollywood, pushing to the limit to be our first action star (renouncing the harshness of the movie) movies of his Oscars).

Is it really a comeback if Keanu Reeves never left?

Mark Von Holden / AP

Is it really a comeback if Keanu Reeves never left?

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Downey walked on the path of sobriety and started the biggest movie franchise in Hollywood history: the Marvel Cinematic Univers and all the superhero movies that this entailed.

Reeves, on the other hand, continued doing things for which he was always excellent. There was no great controversy. There is no attention and plumage for a multitude of outraged internet. There is no public offspring to addiction. Only a series of forgotten films that slowly faded from his star. Bye now.

The reason? John Wick. Last weekend, the last 54-year-old movie, John Wick: Chapter 3: Parabellum, Debuted at box office number 1. The third installment of the inspirational action series hard-R, kung fu, in which he plays the protagonist, began in 2014 and made the once beloved actor again relevant (and lucrative) again (Parabellum In the first days, he earned $ 57 million.

Reeves achieved his breakthrough role in the worrying 1986 River Edge, Which deals with a group of teenagers related to the aftermath of his friend who killed his girlfriend. His performance provoked a series of hits, opening the doors of stardom.

Keanu Reeves, abandoned, starred in Patrick Swayze in the popular 90's Point Break surf thriller.


Keanu Reeves, abandoned, starred in Patrick Swayze in the popular 90's Point Break surf thriller.

Soon, Reeves starred in many of the most popular films of the late 1980s and early 90s, which included genres of comedy (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure i Parenthood) to the drama (My private Idaho i Dangerous links) to action (Break stop).

When he became the face of Speed With Sandra Bullock in 1994, Reeves was a star of good faith and an unstoppable force in Hollywood. But his stardom reached the supernova in 1999 with the beginning of the year The matrix trilogy The idea that Keanussance would never need could seem crazy.

However, things started to change slowly.

He played in a series of forgotten independent filmsBubble i Ellie Parker), some well received (A dark scanner), some dumb-roms (those who have been denounced The house of the lake) and a few large oscillations that have been lost mainly (Constantine).

Keanu Reeves was a star of good faith at the moment Speed ​​came up in 1994.


Keanu Reeves was a star of good faith at the moment Speed ​​came up in 1994.

He then came to the Internet.

The Stills of Reeves films – and even sincere features – became memes. While the sudden "memefication" of everything, especially of all things in Hollywood, turned out to be a special blessing for some actors (they helped distract the peculiarity of Jeff Goldblum so that the enchanted fans, for example) , memes about Reeves often placed him at least partially. Like the ass of the joke. His facial expressions, which generally range from disconcerting and stoics, were playing to laugh.

There was still one of Reeves surprised Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure which was known as Conspiracy Keanu. It was usually accompanied by text that explored fake conspiracies so ridiculous that they are fun. It is said: "And if the CIA invented dinosaurs to avoid the journey in time?"

Another, called Sad Keanu, came from a faint paparazzi with a sad aspect of Reeves sitting on a bench, eating a sandwich. People often took it out of the shot and in other absurd situations, such as sitting on the edge of a cliff or the golden arches of McDonald's.

While these images proliferated, Reeves starred in another great budget film of 2013 47 RoninBut it was a box office bomb. Mostly, however, he focused on personal projects, such as his debut as director, the American-American martial arts film Tai Chi man. He also launched the "book of adult images" Ode to happiness, Produced the documentary Side to Side and continued his various philanthropic efforts.

The result was that the actor largely out of sight was supplanted by the meme in cultural consciousness.

The memes did not really bother Reeves personally, although they could have changed what a young generator saw. As Alex Pappademas wrote GQ last month: "He considers his own memory for a disinterested distance. Actually, participation in the process is not for him, but he does not judge anyone who plays.

"People who do dances, people who do manikin things or whatever – these people seem to be having fun and are doing some time (things)," he says with politeness. To actively search for more meme – hey, it is Sadder Keanu – I would not feel like a creative act, do not think ".

The series of John Wick transformed Keanu Reeves into an action star once again.

Niko Tavernise / AP

The series of John Wick transformed Keanu Reeves into an action star once again.

But the John Wick The series transformed it into an action star again.

The franchise is based on a simple but absurd story. Follow Wick, the best killer in the world in a universe full of them; They operate from a global hotel chain called "The Continental". The first film opens with Wick on retirement, and finally has come out to marry a woman he fell in love with. But now he is a widower, and he receives a last gift: a puppy.

Not long after receiving furball, however, a Russian gangster kills the dog in an insolence act, forcing beginners to retire. After that, and for three movies now, it kills everyone who tries to do it (which is a lot of people!) With everything at your disposal, from guns and swords to pencils, books and hands The result is a pure, beautiful ballet action.

Now, the appearances in Reeves's press tour at night, rather than memes of her food sadly a sandwich, become viral. An impressive Reeves clip by Stephen Colbert and his audience The Late Show At the beginning of this month it became the subject of the social networks of the week.

After a generally entertaining conversation about the new actor's action thriller, Colbert asked his long-haired guest: "What do you think happens when we die, Keanu Reeves?" The question, clearly meant to be an installation for an ingenious intelligent, saw Reeves lean back, take a deep breath, and think how a shadowy look stretched out in his face.

"I know that those who love us will miss us," he finally responded, muteing the host, who smiled as an acknowledgment. Reeves' reflective response was cut and transmitted over the Internet for days later, as fans saw the sweet moment in the preparation of their ultraviolet film.

And if we had to bet, it is likely that there are many more sweet moments, as we have not finished this bloody world. Third John Wick The film creates a clear cliffhanger that asks for a room, and its expanded universe will be broadcast on television with the next Starz series The Continental.

All this is: Keanu Reeves is back, baby. But, again, it never went anywhere.

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