Tuesday , May 17 2022

Kuinovic introduces a new fee after the tax is banned


Kuinovic will present a new "lease" as a replacement for lease fees that the government banned.

Property managers typically charge renters a one-week lease when they take out a new lease, a compensation paid by Minister of Housing Phil Tviford for years costs millions of Kivis.

In October, the government announced that it would abolish the allowance allowance through the Bill on Amendments that would prevent landlords from directly transferring rental costs to tenants, reducing the cost of a new rent.

The ban will enter into force on December 12th, exactly in the middle of what is considered the best-selling year for leases.

In email to real estate owners, general manager Kuinovic Grant Clark said the ban on the release of a taxi would have "a significant detrimental effect" on the business.

"The tax clearance is historically collected at the beginning of the housing and covers the careless time and expenses associated with finding and placing new tenants," he said.

"Instead of trying to increase our fees for managing the base, we decided to introduce a new fee for rent."

He said that Kuinovic would talk about a new fee with the owners of real estate before starting to look for new tenants, and the fee would be deducted from the first week of renting a new tenancy.

Robert Whitaker of the advocacy group Renters United says the news is not surprising, but will in the future have real implications for tenants.

"Property owners are the clients of the company, they benefit from the service (not the renters) and therefore they are able to refund the compensation if it is unreasonable," he told Nevshub.

"When billing increases in the coming months, lease rentals will be used as an excuse – but the real reason will be the simple fact that in most of our major centers we do not have enough rental housing, and use the asset management companies to maximize returns for your customers, owners.

"That's why we need the government to fight for horns and build more affordable housing, and the increase in rent increases inflation."

Kvinovic addressed for comments.

In August, Andrev King, the head of the Property Investors Federation, told The AM Shov that many tenants "ironically actually like a holiday allowance" because they are willing to pay it gives them an edge over other potential renters.

He also argued that a ban on compensation would increase tenants' rent by about $ 10 a week.


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