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MAFS UK: two more weddings and a bride who keeps crying


MAFS UK has landed. You can catch all the episodes of Three. Photo / Discovery

Tonight’s episode was like waiting for a Hokey Pokey ice cream and realizing they mislabeled a vanilla tub. There was absolutely no piece of honeycomb scattered all over and, as any kiwi knows, this is a national farce.

It all started when the experts decided to pick the least dramatic couples for episode number two.

Morag blessed our screens yesterday when he couldn’t help but burst into tears because his beloved old father had died and set the tone because he cried so much this episode.

At least her crying face wasn’t as bad as Kim Kardashian’s, but she did cry enough for me to make a cup of it.

Hi baby, that’s why we love reality TV.

Where was I? Oh, that’s how boring couples are.

So Morag told the wedding Paul C Brunson that he was very sad for the beloved old father and that he really wanted someone with a personality as big as his own, resilient and with hair on his chest.

Do you have this Paul? He asked for a man with hair on his chest and legs larger than his waist. Paul, a typical man, didn’t listen and went yes, I have the perfect man.


He greets Luke, who according to experts is the party
He greets Luke, who experts say is the “perfect” match for Morag. Photo / Discovery

He’s like this little man with little confidence, he’s incredibly sweet, and he pursued his dream of becoming a part-time firefighter, part-time firefighter, and children’s home leader. it was probably overlooked in high school, which explains the comment that made me cry more than Morag.

“I’m worried my wife won’t find me attractive. But I’m a problem for someone.” How can you not want that man to find happiness? You should be discouraged.

The experts decided that while ignoring Morag’s wish list, his love would be fantastic. A slow but fantastic cream.

The next couple our experts met were those who are not dramatic or by far, but they are very beautiful and should probably leave the show immediately because their love deserves to be free of dramaturgy.

Matt and Daniel, the first same-sex couple from MAFS UK.

These two men are pretty much the same person. They’re both very kind, looking for long-term love, they want kids, and I seemed to hear everyone talk about their goals in my small hometown.

At the wedding!

The usual nervousness before the wedding accelerated massively, as the bride and groom had no idea who would be waiting for them. Luke looked like he was going to vomit, Morag cried again, but made up for it by giving us a big package when he got in the wedding car.

“I need sanitary pads for my armpits.”

As he walked down the hall, Luke couldn’t help but smile, but his mother was equally, if not more, affected. “Oh, she’s beautiful!”

It is safe to say that Morag did not match the sensation, which proceeded to remove an informal brush from a flask.

"I just want it to be what I asked for," Morag said as he pulled a bot out of the flask.  Photo / Discovery
“I just want it to be what I asked for,” Morag said as he pulled a ball out of the flask. Photo / Discovery

Girl Atta, this is exactly what I would have done if I had married a man I had just met and it didn’t match my wish list. Steam full with the tequila candy.

“He’s not the typical guy I’d go to, so I’m not jumping for joy.”

During Matt and Daniel’s wedding, they were both relatively quiet, and while Matt waited at the altar, he healed his in-laws while maintaining a polite conversation.

As Daniel walked down the hall he said, “I hope to find the man of my dreams.” And it was the only time this program made sense to me because that’s what it’s all about, not these wish lists.

I knew the charming prince would be my favorite.

At the altar, Daniel whispered, “You’re very handsome.” And Matt said, “You are too.” and evidently my heart exploded.

Forget about the Disney princess wedding last night, this wedding was the real fairy tale.

Their marriage was not sealed with just a kiss on the lips, no, no, it was a rom-like kiss, as if their souls had been waiting to be reunited.

I get carried away too much. Blame the hopeless romantic on me.

At first glance, he felt love for Daniel and Matt.  Photo / Discovery
At first glance I found love for Daniel and Matt. Photo / Discovery

They continued to steal kisses during their wedding photos and in between ask important questions like “you want kids,” which of course they both ask.

At Morag and Luke’s wedding, the “do you want kids?” chatting a lot was not a fairy tale moment. Morag dropped the bomb that he did not plan to have children.

Luke was gutted and headed for his partner Gavin. “That’s crazy,” he snorted.

I don’t really mean Luke, the world is on fire.

Daniel and Matt’s wedding went smoothly, everyone was dancing, smiling and looking like a real wedding? Later, the two grooms found some space away from the reception and had the first one in a chat which obviously went out to the pool and was completed with, yes, you guessed it. A kiss.

Morag and Luke’s mother had a really weird chat, where Luke’s mother said she believed Morag “will get Luke back.” Don’t ask for elaboration because I’m honestly lost.

There was this strange talk between Morag and Luke's mother.  Photo / Discovery
There was this strange talk between Morag and Luke’s mother. Photo / Discovery

And once the wedding was over, Matt sweetly took Daniel to the room where sexual chemistry and high school flirting were interrupted because the cameras were kicked out of the room.

It’s a love story that the baby just says yes to.  Photo / Discovery
It’s a love story that the baby just says yes to. Photo / Discovery

Ooh la la.

However, Morag and Luke sat on the bed drinking champagne.

“I think there’s a bit of a spark there.” Luke smiled at the confessional, but Morag still didn’t want to rip off his clothes.

And that’s why we love reality TV.

Married on First Sight UK screens Tuesday-Friday, 7.30am at Three

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