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Married at first sight: an explosive secret is revealed

I think we can all agree that the Couples Retreat has been an opportunity for everyone MAFS to participants to get an idea of ​​what their partners would look like outside of the experiment.

Peasant boy Liam picked up some eggs, Johnny had a chance to toss a pizza and Bryce … well, Bryce pissed people off.

But it seems that the fresh air of the country has been beneficial for at least Booka and Brett who, on arriving without wanting to speak a word, have spent the night in the same bed. If you know what I mean.

“It’s like the less I see you the more I like it!” Booka calls her husband. Aww how sweet.

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Similarly, Alana and Jason, who have argued about Jason and Bryce’s friendship and Alana’s subsequent betrayal of trust, have fallen far behind.

“Yes, we have a night!” Jason says, clearly very pleased with his own shared bed.

It seems that the only couple who left the retreat without having a bit of action were Rebecca and Jake, who have admitted not being intimate with each other throughout the experiment.

“I just feel like you don’t want me,” Jake tells his wife.

“I just gave you affection,” Rebecca retorts, rarely giving her affection.

“Okay,” Jake replies.

Back in Sydney, the bride and groom speculate on how tonight’s dinner will go down after last night’s explosive pizza party, and most resign themselves to politely ignoring the horrified groom.

Will Bryce have his shares?


Will Bryce have his shares?

“I don’t think people realize how hard I will make Bryce,” Patrick says as his wife throws a tights covered in bright sequin stars that would even make Coco blush.

“He can’t leave,” the groom adds. “I’m going to be absolutely ballistic.”

The cocktail

Liam and Georgia and Belinda and Patrick are, as usual, the first couples in the room, and we spend a good few minutes talking about Belinda’s “acrobatic and tight” dress before the bride is inspired to share the progress that has had with intimacy.

“Time [Patrick] “He was right on the couch, and I looked in the mirror and decided to take off all my clothes and surprise him,” Belinda tells Georgia and his new girlfriend Alana as they scream in delight.

“So he made a heavy footprint, did he undress too?” Alan asks.

“All of the above,” Belinda says, blushing and smiling as Alessandra, looking from MAFS Sit down, smile with unbridled joy and pride.

The conversation doesn’t stay that positive for too long, as the bride and groom start arguing … you guessed it, Bryce.

“He hasn’t apologized for any experiment,” Patrick laments, while Bryce’s BFF Jason assures the room that he will “definitely” say his smiles tonight.

Once the rest of the bride and groom finally arrive, Bryce and Melissa arrive, and Jason is the only person who greets them before the brides take the opportunity to greet Melissa.

Melissa stayed with Bryce, until her secret was revealed.


Melissa stayed with Bryce, until her secret was revealed.

But the bride essentially ignores the other women, choosing to sit with Bryce and the men until our favorite mustache waiter arrives and announces:Dinner is served.


“I will be the oldest person and I will maintain my behavior. It was inappropriate and I do not agree with my actions,” Bryce tells the producers before he sits at the table, but once he has the opportunity to present his bad to the rest of the group …

“Do you want salmon?” question, dodging all questions about retirement.

“So, did you apologize to Bec?” Patrick pipes with his mouth full of planks and the table stays quiet.

“No, I haven’t had a chance,” Bryce replies in hopes of closing the conversation, but Ballistic Patrick has no intention of backing down.

“Bryce, I have no respect for you mate, at all. From what you did to Bec, I can’t shake your hand. The whole experiment, you’ve been a boss … absolutely,” he replies.

Finally, Bryce leans over the table and yells at Rebecca to apologize. “Yes I hurt your feelings, “which … is really no excuse.

Bec refuses to accept Bryce’s “apologies” and suddenly Bryce walks away from the table and leaves the room, leaving his wife behind … what exactly is it?

“I’m done, I’m done!” he tells the producers, leaving the room.

Stopped dealing with the group, Melissa takes the opportunity to defend herself and her husband.

“I know what you see doesn’t make sense,” she begins. “I get it. It’s been horrible. But you won’t see what I see. We’ve talked about everything, about living together, about being together after the experiment, kids. That’s huge for us, and I’m going to support it, come on. whatever happens “.

It’s at this point that Bryce returns to the table and Melissa boasts with confidence, “I actually spoke!”

“Yes, good for you,” he replies in solidarity.

Alana breaks Jason's confidence by telling Bryce's secret at the dinner table.


Alana breaks Jason’s confidence by telling Bryce’s secret at the dinner table.

Trying to inject better energy into the Dinner Party, Brett starts making jokes and the only participant who isn’t comforted by the change of pace is Alana, who seems to have something.

“There’s something Bryce has hidden from her and she needs to know,” the bride says at a confessional moment.

“Melissa, I don’t think Bryce is completely genuine with you,” she finally announces at the table as the bride and groom fall silent again.

“I’ve heard things from Bryce’s mouth about your relationship,” he adds. “He said … he’ll be single in the end, and for New Year’s he’ll be single.”

When they pushed her to where she had heard this, Alana was wrong before finally admitting that she had heard it from Jason, whom she immediately became angry at being called.

Who wore it better?

New / Sony Pictures

Who wore it better?

Then, the groom, completely frustrated, sinks to the end of the table and throws a napkin in his face, channeling his best Jude Law. The holidays. Except, for example, that Jude’s was much prettier.

Anyway, back to the drama!

“I learned from Jason that Bryce plans to be single on New Year’s Eve and that she wants to stay with Jason during this time,” Alana clarifies, aware of the fact that she has already crucified her marriage by throwing her husband under the bus.

“They may not get over this situation,” Alessandra sadly says of the situation, as participants are silently surprised.

This story was published on 9News and is republished with permission.

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