Saturday , August 13 2022

Mass $ 47,000 pay gap between players from Japan and England that were discovered before Test 1 NEWS NOW


Japan plays this England this weekend for the first time since the so-called amateur era. And it's paid that way.

Coach Jamie Joseph says his amateur team on tour receives less than NZ $ 27 a day.

In the meantime, England's players will get 47,400 NZ after Saturday's test in Twickenham in the first match since 1987 in the Rugby World Cup.

"Our home gamers are amateurs, they are employed in companies and get 2,000 yen a day," Joseph said yesterday. "Being here and playing a team like England is a great opportunity for a soccer team and a soccer player.

"Our professional players, players from abroad, do not pay for playing in Japan. If you put it all, we have different motivators and we just want to get out and leave your print."

Japan will be covered with feet if English coach Eddie Jones is advancing.

Joseph laughed at the advice of his predecessor Jones that Japan should seek divine intervention for their test against England.

Jones warned Japan that England would be "absolutely merciless" in Twickenham, seeking to "physically break" the Japanese in response to a loss to New Zealand last weekend last week.

Jones, who was the coach of Japan from 2012-15, said that Japan finds the temple and "pray, pray, pray," but Joseph was not phased.

Joseph said he was not going to any temple, but he would pray for a rain-free game.

"In difficult conditions it's difficult to play our game, so we hope and pray for a little (good) time," said Joseph.

"When we have a ball and the guys are really excited to play, we have a different style of playing, we are not as big as others, but we are fast."

The Japanese team watched the Test of England and New Zealand on Saturday, while Joseph went on to test in Twickenham, where former All Blacks lost ahead of enjoying the cut and pushing the rain.

"These types of games are exactly what rugby has in my opinion, but I doubt the game we play, how all black people play, and the fact that England had several matches could be a little different this weekend.

"We do not want the rain to come, and we've been shown over the past few years if we manage to play our game, we can encourage teams."

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