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Mayor, streaker or cat? When is Viki-worthy?


When is Viki-worthy? Mayor, streaker or cat?


When is Viki-worthy? Mayor, streaker or cat?

Miran's mistress Bevan Chuang and pancreater Lisa Levis were not important enough, but Cat Paddles made a cut.

Who – and who is outside – on the most encyclopedia of the world, reveals a window that we consider to be worthy of recognition and why.

The captain of the world's most successful women's rugby team – the head of the black fan Fiao's Fa & amausili – deserves only four lines of criticism from Wikipedia; Controversial blogger Vhale Oil Cameron Slater, former conservative leader Colin Craig, and serial sex abuser Stevart Murray Wilson receive comprehensive articles.

Emiter Mike McRoberts has an entry, but his former wife and well-known newspaper Paula Penfold is not. Fashion chief Denise Estrange Corbet manages to enter, but her compatriot Francis Hooper, Founder of the World, has not been found.

* To whom do we honor, and who decides?
* Parts should only go for truly outstanding
* National Portrait: Mike Dickison, Conservator and Wikipedia

Anyone can create an article from Wikipedia, but it must meet Wikipedia's criteria that determine whether someone is sufficiently impressive to base inclusion.

They vary in the field, but include such things as receiving significant coverage in independent published sources; the winner of the grand prize; who historically support their contribution; exhibited in the dictionary of the national biography; or the assignment of an academic professor.

Things they studied the discussions that resulted in deletion, in order to find out how the editors decide which Kivis to make.

Former president of the Cancer Society, Ioung Enterprise Trust and Auckland Chamber of Commerce, Geoffrey Clatvorthi got a section because his MNZM prize was not high enough in the hierarchy of honor to convey an "inherent" significance.

However, Next new model of New ZealandThe first winner, Christobelle Grierson-Ririe, survived an attempt to delete.

An article about the scandalist Lisa Levis, who continued to broadcast a television show of bare news, was removed for reasons that are so secretive that they must be hidden.

Bevan Chuang, whose relationship with Len Braun was almost demolished by the mayor of Auckland, was convicted because her recognition was solely related to the affair. However, Paddles, the former prime minister, rejected claims of triviality.

Siobhan Leachman is one of the small army volunteers who creates and edits Wikipedia articles to try to improve the content of the encyclopedia NZ.


Siobhan Leachman is one of the small army volunteers who creates and edits Wikipedia articles to try to improve the content of the encyclopedia NZ.

Globally, Vikipedia is largely in favor of men, with just 17 percent of biographical articles with women.

The Vikipedian Mike Dickison, who travels the country by encouraging more Kivis to edit an online encyclopedia, was open to his prejudices, reflecting the sex and interests of his creators.

However, the encyclopedia was not the original research, so the entries from Vipki simply reflected the bias of society as a whole, he said.

"If there are people who would like to see, for example, a New Zealand woman in Wikipedia, which we all agree on is important in their field, but it's almost impossible to find all the published information about her life and career, they should try to publish it .

"Regardless of whether it's in local newspapers, magazines, even departmental blogs."

Siobhan Leachman is among about 160 editors of volunteers who are trying to improve the quality and breadth of the New Zealand landscape.

The 47-year-old Wellington's mother, who lives in the house, spends at least two hours a day on Viki projects. It was not hard to meet the criteria of Wikipedia's recognition if you were ready to search for libraries for non-online sources, she said.

"We live in the digital age, and if you are not on the Internet, then you consider yourself to be optional or interesting. One way to ensure that people are not missing and you do not know them is to make sure they are in Wikipedia."

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