Thursday , May 19 2022

Minister of Transport Phil Tviford has allocated $ 29 million to improve safety at SH3


The government has made nearly $ 30 million for improving security on a centralized transport route in the North Island.

Minister of Transport Phil Tviford announced this morning that he will begin works that will "make emergency safety improvements" on State Highway 3 – from Vaitara to Bell Blocka, north of Nev Plimut.

It is the main commercial route for trucks coming to Nev Plimouth and leaving the north, he said.

Twistord said the security update was a timely announcement, as this weekend increased to 10 deaths on the road.

He said the SH3 upgrade will help reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on that part of the road.

The project, which will cost $ 29 million over the next three years, includes an upgrade of security between Raleigh St and Vaiongana Stream.

Twistord said this is the "most up-to-date" security update.

"The new Plimouth had a fairly stable population growth, and along this corridor, there has been a lot of change in land use – people who build homes and businesses along the highway."

This means that the volume of traffic is relatively high for the area, which means it is "particularly dangerous".

Twistord said a new right-hand swivel pocket on the SH3 at Vills Rd would be built, with a right-hand pocket extension on Corbett Rd.

There will also be a SH3 spread between Vills / Corbett and Mahoetahi Rd for broad shoulders with safety barriers for wire ropes.

"State Highway 3 is one of the busiest roads in the region, which carries a mix of freight and commercial traffic, and provides access to Nev Plimouth and Port," said Twifford.

Improvements would include several new roundabouts at key junctions.

Twistord added that the NZ priority delivery agency provides urgent security improvements to exonerate them with human mistakes.

"Drivers will always make mistakes and the job of the government is to stop these mistakes from turning into tragedies."

He said the community has requested improvements in the security of the road for "some time".

Actually, Mayor Neil Plimut, Neil Hold, was a "very powerful advocate" for improvements.

The government is investing $ 4.3 billion in improving security throughout the country over the next three years within the National Land Transport Program to save lives.

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