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Netball World Cup 2019: live updates – Silver Ferns v Australian Diamonds


Follow live when the Silver Ferns occupy the Australian Diamonds in the Netball World Cup.

It's about making or breaking the silver ferns.

After winning five consecutive wins in the Netball World Cup so far, the ferns have impressed the track with a safe and clinical game.

However, the first real test arrives tomorrow at night when New Zealand will take three times defense champions, the Australian Diamonds.

A victory will not only be crucial to overcome his pool, as it is closed in the semifinals, but will undoubtedly give them the confidence to take the World Cup home.

"This is the mark or break," said Silver Ferns, Bernice Mene, "this is what we have been expecting, all other games have been and have been a practice towards this Australian game" .

Mene, who represented the Silver Ferns in the World Cup Cups of 1995 and 1999, said that it was important that the game did not leave behind any part of the game.

"This is basically. It could be our furrow in Australia and move forward," he said. "It's all a team effort through the track.

"I think we now have the skills and the understanding to do it … We know that we have done it in the last five games, we can do it in this."

Surprisingly, the Ferns massively won their first five games against Malawi, Barbados, Singapore, Zimbabwe and Northern Ireland.

More interesting, however, has been the variety of changes and combinations Tauruaa put in the spotlight.

Introducing the defense of the goal of Katrina Rore for a long time in the defense of the wings and exchanging the circle of shooting with Maria Folau appearing both in goal and goal attack, it is clear that Taurua does a lot of plans for combat any scenario.

Taking into account the Taurua approach in the first games, Mene was convinced that the Ferns now have what they need to fight Australia and its tough defense tactics.

"Noeline has been working in combinations, it has also been working, in front of the less strong teams we have encountered, not only throwing the ball into the track in two passages as other great strong teams have done." Mene said. "They have been working to go back to the line [and] running through scenes.

"What we have seen is a very quiet attacking unit and this allows us to maintain a good position against Australia's defense, since they are really black, they try to wear out.

"Australians are always in shape, we're in shape, but I think it's about keeping calm and keeping our game plan, which is what Noeline has been working on."

The Silver Ferns will face Australian Diamonds tomorrow at 9:30 PM (NZT).

Depending on the result, New Zealand will pass to one of the two semifinals, which will be played on Saturday night or Sunday morning (NZT).

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