Monday , September 27 2021

New Zealand’s first Olympic medalists arrive home by MIQ | 1 NEWS

New Zealand’s first Olympic athletes have returned to the country after their heroic feats in Tokyo last week.

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The first batch of kiwi athletes, including rowing medalists, have fallen in Christchurch. Source: 1 NEWS

The seven medal-winning teams and rowers played in Christchurch today to enter the MIQ, tired but happy to be home.

New Zealand women’s rowing coach Gary Hay admitted it was “more of a party flight than a charter,” not surprising given the amount of shiny new silver on board.

For some, it was not only new, but bigger and better than before.

“London seemed huge to me [medals]Hamish Bond told three news three-time gold medalist.

“Rio was bigger and Tokyo is definitely heavier and I think it’s bigger again, so who knows what they’ll do in Paris, but someone has to bite the bloody bullet at some point and not go bigger is better.” .

Not unknown to MIQ, Bond hopes to take a moment to relax and reflect on his latest accomplishments.

But after reaching these highs, some athletes may suffer blues after competition.

“It’s so full for such a long period of time and then there’s nothing, so in itself it can be hard to deal with,” Hay said.

That’s one reason there will be wellness checks and Covid checks during your two-week stay alone.

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