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Panuku was approved by the Office of Serious Frauds over the sale of the Civil Administration, but the concerns were raised about the hospitality of the general director


The development arm of the Auckland Council has been eliminated by fraud by the Office of Serious Frauds for the sale of a building of advice, but raised its concern about the # 39; Hospitality by Roger MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer of Panuku.

John Tamihere, mayor of Auckland, asked the Office of Serious Fraud to investigate the deal that was sold in the building of the Civic Administration in the central city and around three million dollars .

Tamihere described the sale of CAB of 18 floors and 5,000 square meters of land in the Aotea square as "incompetence or corruption".

He told the Herald The decision of the OFS was "unusual" at the time it reached its conclusion and, if elected, would launch a complete investigation into the sale.

Panuku's chairman, Adrienne Young-Cooper, pointed out in a statement that the board of directors received a notification from the SFO that, after a complaint about the sale of the
Building of Civic Administration of the Council of Auckland, has no reason to suspect fraud,
corruption or bribe by Panuku, his or her employees

"The OFS has conducted investigations to determine if the threshold for a formal investigation has
you have met. Panuku cooperated and provided information to the OFS. The board is
He is pleased that the SFO has confirmed that there is no reason to further investigate Panuku
relationship with this process.

"The OFS also worried about the executive president of Panuku, Roger
MacDonald, who accepts an invitation from Mike Mahoney, president of Tawera Group, a
Join him navigating the Millennium Cup in January 2017.

"The invitation was accepted after the decision on the development of the CAB
approved Although the OFS acknowledged that he did not accept this invitation
Impacting any decision taken by Panuku, he advised that he could create a perception of

"The board accepts the SFO's suggestion to review gifts and hospitality
and procedures and appoint an independent party to complete this approach

"Mr. MacDonald followed the correct procedure regarding this invitation, both completed one
Statement of gifts and request permission from the chair of the board of directors of Panuku before
accept This information was provided to the SFO as part of our response to the SFO
transaction Now Auckland has replaced the existing policy at that time
Policy of the Council, which is now Panuku.

"The board of directors of Panuku, an organization controlled by the council, has conflicts of interests, realities
or is it perceived, manages and informs in a very serious and active way all the gifts, the hospitality
and potential conflicts in a continuous way, for all the members of the board, the EC and the staff. "

In a letter to Cooper-Young, Paul O & Neill's Attorney General said that "we are concerned about a possible conflict of interest regarding the Chief Executive Officer of Panuku Roger MacDonald ".

"Specifically, Mr. MacDonald informed us that he had attended a day of sailing in the Bay of Islands, at the head of the president of Tawera Group, Mike Mahoney. As you know, the successful buyer of the CAB was Civic Lane Ltd, owned by by financial director John Tawera Group.

"The potential for a perceived interest conflict is clear. Despite the declaration of the reception of this hospitality and the revelation of the potential conflict of interests that it created, under circumstances we believe that its Acceptance was not advised, "said Neill.

Tamihere said that, despite the decision of the SFO, he still believed that something "shameless" had gone on sale.

"I think it is very strange that the office reaches such a rapid conclusion and I would like to see a preliminary investigation report on why they came to this conclusion.

"I think there is no doubt that there has been something unpleasant. When I am a mayor, my unit of integrity will investigate."

Tamihere said that the concern for the acceptance of a gift by the CEO of MacDonald was "small potatoes" compared to the sale of buildings.

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