Thursday , August 11 2022

Pilots seen 'very bright' The UFO that went through Ireland. If it were not aliens, what was it?


A confused person on the radio was not a person who is usually associated with crazy reports of extraterrestrial interaction.

There were no claims that green people with big eyes crossed the cosmos to turn the cattle over or overly detailed stories of cold metal tables and unknown alien probes.

The swing on the radio was only a pilot plane that could not explain what she saw in the sky over Ireland.

The pilot of British Airvais was operated by Flight BA94 from Montreal late last week when she contacted the nearest air traffic control to inquire whether there were military exercises across the Atlantic Ocean to which she was not warned, according to Irish examiner.

When the controllers told her that the sky was clear, she kindly set them straight. She said that she and her crew saw strong lights passing through the air at phenomenal speeds – double the speed of sound.

"It came to our left side (quickly demolished) in the north, we saw a lot of light and it just disappeared at very high speed … we just wondered," the pilot said, according to the newspaper and the sound of interaction published on the Internet.

"We did not think it was probably a crash … (I'm just wondering) what could be."

They also wonder if the pilots were nearby, who saw the same, whatever it was.

A Virgin Airlines pilot from VS76 from Orlando to Manchester said that this was not something, but sometimes: "Multiple objects that follow the same route – they are very bright from where we were."

The Irish Aviation Authority said that the reports would be "researched as part of the process of interrogating confidential events".

But for many people reading between classified lines, there was no need. We already know the Truth.

This is the usual point in which magical crazy people will recite their infidelity. After all, for decades, the public has been told that aliens really do not exist and that people who otherwise believed were shot in tinfoil hats.

But on direct exit from film B, the Pentagon recently confirmed that there is a government $ 22 million program to collect and analyze "anomalous threats to aviation" – the government is talking about UFOs.

And Area 51, a secret base in Nevada, which has been ruled by governments for decades – actually existed for decades, the US government acknowledged. It is a test strip for the CIA spy plane and other classified airplanes, according to the CIA's history, which is widespread in 2013. And because the government had a huge secret database of tests in the Nevada desert, it used an area for all kinds of secret testing: putting the A-12 plane and the corner F-117 hidden jet blast through its steps.

So, who needs a tinfoil hat? Reception has become a patina of the survival skills for centuries of bizarre, inexplicable phenomena.

But what about the bright lights across the Atlantic, seen only by one, but the two airline teams are responsible for the health and well-being of hundreds of passengers?

Aircraft experts said Irish examiner that the lights were probably meteorites entering the Earth at a low angle. High speeds are the result of the acceleration caused by Earth's gravity. The bright lights are probably the result of friction while the celestial bodies penetrated the Earth's atmosphere.

Of course. We believe you.

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