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Pokémon Go: Shiny Diglett, Groudon Raids and more Earth Day awards


For the second consecutive year, the developer of Pokemon Go Niantic was associated with Playmob to host a series of Earth Day cleaning events around the world during the month of April. The initiative proved to be a great success; According to Niantic, more than 14,800 people participated in these events and, thanks to this, the developer has launched a lot of exciting rewards for a limited time in the mobile game Pokemon.

Starting today and until May 2, terrestrial Pokémon, such as Diglett, Sandshrew and others, will appear in nature more often than usual. In addition, players will have the opportunity to find a Shigl Diglett, which will be the first time it is available on the mobile game.

By completing the Earth Day rewards, players will receive twice the normal amount of Candy and Stardust every time they capture a Pokemon event. Finally, the Pokémon Legendary Ground Groudon will also appear as raid leader until May 2. You can see the full list of rewards on the Niantic website.

In addition to Earth Day rewards, Niantic has recently announced that a new set of field research tasks will soon reach Pokemon Go. The tasks will be published from May 1 and will be available until the end of June. Also, every time you get a breakthrough in this period of time, you will find one of the following legendary Pokémon: Ho-Oh, Lugia, Latios or Latias.

Shiny Meltan has also returned to Pokemon Go for a limited time. Meanwhile, the upcoming event of the Community Day of the game will take place on Sunday 19 May. The highlighted Pokémon this month will be the start of Gen. 3, Torchic, and players can win the triple of the normal amount of Stardust to get Pokémon.

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