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Ranking the Maroons sends candidates to Source 2019


While much of the focus has been on changing the guard between players from Queensland in recent years, it has been a story similar to the package with a few prospects that threw their hat on the ring along with some men old state in 2019.

With all the players of the three-game win of last year, Stats broke the numbers to see who could be forced.

Maroons sends candidates


Candidates: Josh Papalii, Dylan Napa, Jarrod Wallace, Joe Ofahengaue, Matt Scott

Players are only included once in this analysis and have been assigned based on where they play at the club level, which means that some of the players in the blockage category below could be considered for Queensland in the authorization (and they played there before).

The initial goals of the holder are Papalii with the arrow Jai (shown below to the left), with Wallace in the bank next to Tom Glasby (also then at the close).

Papalii and the Raiders want and is likely to be one of the first advanced ones chosen. Arrow has supported his result and will be ready, the only question is where.

Napa lost the match three of the injured last year after playing in the first two defeats and made a strong claim to the new Canterbury club earlier this year before an ankle injury, but remained a little reduced from his return. Wallace was constantly incoherent in 2019, but his best performance of the season reached the 10th round against the Bulldogs of Napa in a timely reminder of the selectors.

Glasby, in a typical way, has been doing without mastering the prominent rollers and has helped his knights to travel the last month and with a record of 3-0 at the home level, he demands, even more no, a consideration.

Looking at statistics, Papalii has the most reliable numbers; makes an average of more pips at the best effective rate of any list, and has an average of more meters with the least number of errors and penalties and is busy with your signal. He is also playing about ten minutes more per week than the others.

The other highlight is the evergreen tree Scott, who leaves a great match against eels. He leaned the line more than any other to the list with almost four rear counters for each transport, just as with all NRL media next to Addin Fonua-Blake, with the second best list effectiveness and a bit more a download by party.

Napa numbers can not be avoided. The only regular goals that have begun to have less adornments have played fewer games, and a normal initial starting point in the LNR has a worse effective deal percentage. Its average meters are the lowest of all the candidates and their post-contact relays for transfer are the lowest for the usual accessories in 2019.

Ofahengaue has been quite stable in terms of form and statistics and his minutes are comparable to the others despite having played especially in the exchange lately. It has the largest number of busts (although not much), equal to the second best efficiency of the devices and the second best means. Wallace's work speed and counters, busts and contact unloadings are good, but their mistakes and penalties are a bit high and efficiency less than 90% is not ideal for a props.'s verdict: Papalii and Scott, with Ofahengaue in the bank.


Candidates: Jai Arrow, Josh McGuire, Tim Glasby

In a realistic way, any of these three can be used as a starting point or bank; Arrow started close to the third game last year and was among the best of his team in a dead rubber win, McGuire started one of his 11 Origins at close range and Glasby played the biggest Part of his career at the club in the storm as close.

It is unlikely that the three arrive at 17, which could be a little difficult for Glasby.

Certainly, it is more than a defense oriented environment compared to the other two, that each one has a much better number with their attack and current games.

But no other player in this analysis approaches the defensive effectiveness of Glasby.

McGuire and Arrow each have a performance of more than 60 minutes, with an average of more than 150 meters, tilting the line at least 3.5 meters to bring and provide solid defense numbers. McGuire's effective rate is likely to have been affected by spending time on the brink of mad cowboys.

He has been close to an automatic selection of Maroons and kangaroos in recent years and will be chosen by Queensland if he can withdraw from a beef strain collected in round eight. Arrow improved through the series last year.

McGuire is a theoretical option to write in the middle of the nice prostitution Ben Hunt, who has done it sometimes for Samoa and Brisbane, if things are desperate. Locking Verdict: McGuire at the close, with the arrow in the bank or starting with the prop.

Second row

Candidates: Matt Gillett, Felise Kaufusi, Coen Hess, Gavin Cooper, David Fifita, Ethan Lowe

Kaufusi is an operator Maroon and Kangaroo and is a certain owner. Cooper was a very late thing in terms of Origin, but he has played six of seven games since he debuted in the final game of 2016 and presented himself admirably. Hess has played five origins: all of them outside the bench – since he was summoned in the second game of 2017.

Gillett played all the origins from 2012 until 2017 before going out last year with an injury to the neck, while Fifita and Lowe were not left ready. Fifita is still young and raw, but seems to be sure to debut at Origin later than later, while Lowe appeared as a possible origin around 2015-16 before leaving the rhythm for the Cowboys and recovering their form and career Under Wayne Bennett in Souths this course.

Lowe was named by the columnist of and the most successful trainer of Origin, Mal Meninga, in his probable team and he understands that he is in genuine containment, while the # 39; Maroons coach Kevin Walters also followed closely Fifita.

After completing its 34th anniversary, Cooper's time at Maroon could be over, but it is still producing the biggest defensive number of those considered, as well as being the most active runner. However, there has been a lot of breaks around him in the Cowboys fighters, with 11 causes against his name. His teammate Coen Hess also has 11, but with running and falling Hess numbers he also has a real fight to stay in place.

Kaufusi and Gillett are the other trusted leaders with Kaufusi who put the best accountants, while Gillett will look more closely at his experience with Origin and his excellent performances for a long period and not for large amounts in 2019.

Fifita could be useful as a weapon of impact; He has only played 40 minutes per game, but continues to accumulate more meters than most others, with most busts. Either they want to throw it into the kettle, the question is soon. If they do not collect injuries and they can take Fifita for a rapid explosion of high energy, it could be a game.

Second-row verdict of Kaufusi and Gillett will start, with Fifita on the bench.

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