Monday , May 10 2021

Redheads are assembling to the & quot; return & quot; ginger

Redheads across Velington gather in Irish Bar JJ Murphi to celebrate the rare color of their hair at the first party Ginger Gathering in New Zealand.

Although a few weeks are too late for the presence of Prince Harry, it is expected that there will be a tenth of people with red hair.

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Mandi Lahatte, the owner of Indeja in Cuba, planned to continue.

She and the three children, now in their twenties, had red hair – and they were all concerned about the children.

"You know, rank, rank, rank, such things, so my kids are growing and I got it myself.

"Now it's pretty offensive … I just do not like it at all."

Ms. Lahatte said that now the gingers are becoming more modern and more acceptable – people say that her hair and baby hair are beautiful.

Another redhead, Jadwiga Green, was proud of her hair, but she was accustomed to hating her for being mistreated.

"I had everything from the only names they call spitting, having bottles thrown on me, growing up in Dunedin, that's exactly what it is."

It became a hairdresser and performer who helped Mrs. Green to realize that her jagged locks are something to be proud of.

"I went to try to cut my hair once in my life, because of it, and the hairdresser told me," Do you dare to scrub your hair, keep it as it is. ""

Event organizer Ashlei Mackenzie-Witte approached the redheads around the city, giving them a badge that said "Ginger" and telling them to come.

She was in Ireland to meet other redheads, and she said on Friday night that she gathers redheads of all age groups.

People seemed to have drawn redheads, she said.

"So, you have to start behaving in a certain way, people want to talk to you about your red hair or touch your red hair or tell you that you have beautiful red hair or are really important. So, this is the character who you are, I have to To be brave, I must be sure of the way in which I grew up. "

Bullied in her youth, she decided to take him or face them, and she learned to return.

Now, she said, events like Ginger are gathering a way to recover the name of the ginger.

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