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Snapchat runs Lens Creative Partners


Monday 19-11-2018 14:00

Snap has introduced a new program designed to connect brands with AR experts to design more engaging and impressive platform lenses. The Lens Creative Partners program starts with over 30 certified creators, from large agencies to individuals, but it is expected that the ship will be more than 100 in the next few months.

Creators who want to be certified by the Program must demonstrate their experience in developing quality AR experiences and complete rigorous course on development processes, best creative practices, ad policies and buy models that regulate AR lenses at Snapchat.

Snap hopes that the program will give brands access to professional AR advertisers, regardless of budget, brand or regional location, and encourage more advertisers to experiment with the creation of AR experiences on their platform.

In the UK, agencies including Vieden + Kennedy, Adam & Eve, Ve Are Social, Objectspace, DDB and Vunderman have applied to be part of the program and will shortly be certified.

More than one-third of the 186-day active Snapchata users play every day with AR lenses in the application, an average of three minutes of each use. Over 250,000 lenses have been sent to Snapchat's Lens Studio, which allows creators to build AR experiences, and Snapchat users have sent lenses over 15 billion times.

Although Snapchat's use of AR was an early differential platform, it has since been confronted with growing competition from competing Instagram, which has replicated many of its features and has a significantly larger audience. Encouraging the branding of AR Lenses could increase platform engagement rates and also generate key advertising revenue.

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