Tuesday , May 17 2022

Someone recreated the “Resident Evil 4” cannon in “Far Cry 5”


A fan has recreated a memorable scene from Resident Evil 4 inside Far Cry 5 using the game’s map editor.

Modder Mojo Swoptops shared a screenshot of his recreation of the cannon area from the Capcom game via Reddit.

They said the scene took about six hours to build, with two hours devoted to reducing the overall distribution, while four hours were spent adding the structures and details. They also shared an accelerated video on YouTube showing the whole process.

Resident Evil 4 it’s full of memorable moments, but the cannon scene pops up relatively soon, as Leon faces crowds from Los Ganados that can come from various directions and heights, armed with machetes, throwing axes and dynamite sticks. Fortunately, right after the first encounter with the iconic dealer, players can stock up and improve their arsenal.

“I wasn’t sure if this location was just recognizable to me or if other people remembered it, especially considering it appears so early in the game,” mojoswoptops2020 said. “I think I’m stuck because at first I find it extremely difficult, as the zombies keep coming out from all angles!”

Mojo Swoptops was also the model behind more mundane creations in Far Cry 5, including a favorite Greggs Street branch, as well as a block of Scottish flats.

Other creative uses of the Far Cry 5 The game’s map editor has included a full remake of Goldeneye 007, although Ubisoft removed the levels following an MGM copyright claim. Since then, the Krollywood player has re-uploaded his recreations with new names.

Elsewhere, Back 4 Sang has received a revision that facilitates the campaign following players ’complaints about the difficulty, while Swarm mode has also been adjusted.

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