Thursday , August 5 2021

Statement regarding the Parramatta Eels player

The National Rugby League (NRL) has released a Parramatta Eels player with a notice of breach alleging that he discredited the game after a video appeared about him participating in an intimate act in a public venue. The notice proposes that the player be fined $ 5,000.

All players are public figures and have a responsibility to ensure that their actions do not run the risk of damaging the brand and reputation of the game. In this circumstance, the NRL believes that the player failed in this responsibility.

The NRL accepts that the player is the alleged victim of an illegally filmed video and offers assistance and assistance if he wants to take criminal action against the person who filmed the video.

The NRL has determined that the player does not violate any other NRL rules or complaints about the player’s conduct.

The player has 5 days to respond to the NRL’s breach notice.

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