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The Game of Thrones season 8 is the first episode of the first season episode mirror


Game of Thrones Season 8 Will Have an Intentional Call For The First Season (Image: HBO)

Game of Thrones will be in full circle in the eighth season with a call to the first episode in the first season.

The creators David Benioff and DB Veiss blamed that the opening shot at the start of a huge battle in Westbrook, similar to the start of the season.

The pair revealed to Veekly Entertainment that they would start Daeneris for eight seasons to come to Winterfell with their armies to confront Vhite Valkers.

This will reflect the first episode of the season one in 2011 when Robert Baratheon arrived at Winterfell to seek Ned Stark's help at King's Landing … and we all know how it turned out.

This intentional callback could be a sign that we are still in a lot of knees as we have seen in the last seven seasons, what fans hope.

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It comes after the actors in the last season exaggerated a "brutal" battle that would overshadow Battle Of The Bastards.

Dinklage told Entertainment Veekly: "It's brutal, that makes Battle of the Bastards a theme park."

The scene seems to include "multiple" characters who play their major concerts with the battle – against White Fruit – as a background.

Co-creator David Benioff added: "We've been building this from the very beginning, living against the dead, and you can not do it in a 12-minute series."

Emily Clarke, who played Daeneris Targarien, added: "Everything is more intense. I had a scene with someone and I turned to him and said," Oh, my God, I will not do it anymore, "which brings me tears in eyes. "

The Battle of the Bastards, where Jon Snov took over Ramsay Bolton, have been refreshed as one of the best battles in the series (Photo: HBO)

In the meantime, it has recently been discovered that six episode episodes were originally to be made in three separate two-hour long film.

The bosses believed that converting final episodes into movies could help in the budget that was needed to finish the story that is true to the magnificent scriptwriter George R. R. Martin described; However, these plans were later postponed when the series grew into one of the largest franchises.

The popularity of Game of Thrones helped David and Dan Veiss to convince HBO to allocate the last six episodes to the budget of more than $ 15 million (£ 11.5 million) and the big bucks on their side, movies are not needed.

Talking about the upcoming finale, Dan said Entertainment Veekley: "That's what we do in the perfect world." We ended up an epic story about fantasy, but with the level of knowledge and investment in characters that in a two-hour movie is usually impossible. "

Game of Thrones will be back in 2019.

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