Saturday , April 17 2021

The Google axis accesses Google to the key development tool: World

Google said on Friday that Apple had revoked its access to a key developer tool, preventing its employees from proving new application features on iPhones. Facebook lost access to the same tool on Wednesday, but restored it on Thursday.

Google seems to be sure that it would regain its access. He said that he is working with Apple to fix what he called a temporary interruption of some of his corporate applications for iPhone, and said he hoped the situation would be resolved soon.

Google refused to say why they lost access to the tool. The action came a day after the company voluntarily withdrew a market research application called "Screenwise Meter," which Google had distributed to users outside of the App Store, though not to teens .

Apple did not immediately respond to a comment request.

The previous Apple movement to restore Facebook access to its development tool followed the dissemination of the social networks giant's program that paid users, including teens, to download a "search" application that could track the entire application of the people and the use of Internet.

Apple said Facebook was abusing the tool, known as a developer company certificate, to distribute the application a way that would allow the social network to limit the restrictions of the company, # 39; Apple in the compilation of data.

Restoring the certificate means that Facebook can distribute internal applications to its employees that help them test the features of the software before users see them.

Although Facebook engineers could still write code and work on iOS applications during disconnection, their ability to test applications in the field was limited.

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