Saturday , February 27 2021

The LG roll-up phone may not be able to see the light of day

A teaser image of the LG Electronics roll-up smartphone

Since LG Electronics has decided to review its mobile business, including the sale of its main assets, it is possible that its roll-up phone, which was due out this year, will not be able to see the light of day.

Roll-up phones have caught the eye as a new form factor that will lead innovation in the smartphone industry. The LG Electronics roll-up phone is expected to renew the company’s brand image by making it the first company in the world to launch this smartphone.

However, the launch of LG Electronics of Roller Phones has become uncertain as it decided to completely reorganize its mobile business. Roll-up phones present many technical difficulties in the first place. Also, no one can say that the roll-up phone will surely become a successful product.

LG Electronics drew attention by posting a teaser video of the roll-up phone at the LG Wing smartphone launch event in September 2020, but its progress in development has been lower than expected since. At CES on Jan. 11, the company released a roll-up phone video that lasted just under 10 seconds.

Industry professionals predicted last year that LG would be able to launch the roll-up phone earlier this year, but it has been continuously delayed. Even if the roll-up phone is well received after its launch, its growth potential is limited, as it will be sold at a high price of more than two million won and the initial production volume will be small.

LG Electronics has decided to reorganize its mobile phone business instead of taking the risks involved in mobile phone development, analysts say.

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