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The victim was killed for a "funny" argument about the torch, told the court – Brinkvire


Witnesses at the trial of a 14-year-old boy accused of killing Hack Bai Bai Kelly Donner described how he found blood lying.

The trial of Haamy Hanari, one of the youngest men ever charged with murder, is currently under way in the High Court of Napi.

The teenager admitted today that he was robbed in March. Donner, 40, but he said he did not kill him.

The Crown says that it is Mr. Hanara dropped four times for a discussion about the torch.

Prosecutor Steve Manning said that Mr. Hanara and four more teenagers are planning to rob a bottle store at bar Bar and Eateri on March 4, 2018.

But, after entering the indoor area on the back of the store, they found Kelli Donner.

Mr. Hanara asked to donate the Donner geller, but he will not return it, said Mr. Manning.

"It seems that the catalyst, the trigger, is somewhat silly for this incident as an argument over the torch.

Five young men turned g. Donner, even throwing a bicycle on him, he said.

"He had a beer bottle on this face, and then hell broke. Immediately, these five young men started attacking him and attacking beer bottles, pieces of wood and fences for fences …"

The crown claimed that Mr. Donner then tried to retreat, but Mr. Hanara, who came out of the shadow with a knife in his hand, attacked him.

CCTV footage showed Mr. Hanari carrying the knife before and after the attack, but there is no shot of the current attack.

Crown said the jury would hear from eyewitnesses what happened during those 34 seconds that were not recorded on CCTV.

Адвокат г. Hanara Eric Forster refused to hold an introductory speech.

The Court heard that Mr. Donner discovered a witness, seriously injured in a grassy area outside Bar Bar and Eaters, just a few meters away from where he was attacked.

The woman, who had suppressed the name, described it in the blood. He was alive, but the blood came out of his door.

She described it as an ambulance while Mr. Donner spoke his last words.

"They bastards," she said, "she said.

"He later told me to help him," she said.

Earlier, another witness, Horiana Villiams, told the court that she had been in the forefront in the village of Flakmera at night, while Mr. Donner killed.

She met there several times earlier, because it was the place where she would fill the phone and hear the backpack.

Mr. Donner was "clean and neatly dressed," she said.

The court also heard from the patient who was present at the g. Donner and two of the police officers who were among the first on the scene.

The court sits in 40-minute blocks, with breaks every hour, to meet the needs of the g. Hanare. It was that it did not have to concentrate for a long time.

The teenager also has an official communicator who helps him to understand what is going on during the trial.

The trial lasted for two weeks.

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