Sunday , August 1 2021

Three cases of mumps confirmed in Hastings

Havke's health officials, Bai, invite parents to check the status of immunization of their children after three cases of mumps recently confirmed in Hastings.

One child is a high school student in Hastings Bois, and the other two are adults. Public health continues to monitor many contacts and advises health workers to be alert to the mumps.

Dr. Rachel Eire, the Health Care Department in the Havka District of Bai, praised the Hastings Bois High School to work quickly with health officials to provide important health advice for all parents / caregivers and wider communities.

"Mumps is a highly infectious viral infection, which is spread by breathing, sneezing and coughing and can quickly spread among those who are not immune, especially in schools," said Dr. Eire.

Dr. Eire said this epidemic is a timely reminder for parents and carers to check if their children have been updated with immunizations.

"It is vital that parents check the immunization of the child and know that if your child develops a fever or has a swelling of the glands around the face or jaw, stay home and call his doctor in the first instance, or Heitline at 0800 611 116."

Dr Eire said that important people with suspicious seductions remained distant from schooling, work or gatherings for up to five days after developing the island or until good times, depending on what was previously.

"If you were born after 1981 and you never had mumps or mumps / MMR immunization, you must see your family doctor," said Dr. Eire, adding that two documented doses are needed to prove immunity.

"The sooner you get free immunization, the more likely it is to protect you." The most wanted adolescents and adults are most at risk and are more likely to experience serious illnesses for mumps and complications

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