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Toyota could have underestimated the power of Supra


When the Supra debuted, more than a few strong keyboard warriors expressed displeasure in the interiors of the sports car. The power came from a BMW straight-six, which is bad, apparently, and that it was significantly smaller than that of his brother Z4. However, the dyno shows everything and it seems that Toyota may have channeled the older Supra in many ways than previously thought.

In the nineties, all Japanese manufacturers agreed not to let their cars exceed 276 horsepower (205 kW). However, in reality, cars like Skyline
GT-R and A80 Supra often made more than 300 horses on wheels in the form of shares, which means that the knights' agreement was more symbolic than anything.

This agreement has resigned to the history books, but Toyota's claim of 335 hp for the new Supra seems to be a bit shy.

After the American launch, one of the media out there brought an A90 Supra to the dynamo to quantify it. They found that their Supra was actually
making 339 hp (252 kW) to the wheels, as well as a tasty 578Nm. The cars make less power to the wheels that is claimed, which is taken from the handle,
due to mechanical losses between the engine and the tires.

The American newspapers also found that the Supra was reduced to memory from 0 to 60 kilometers per hour (96 kilometers per hour), although it was recorded in 3.8 seconds, although Toyota claimed it.
do it in 4.1 seconds.

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