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UK Charts 19.11.18 – Spiro Reignited Trilogues announce a week


After several weeks without big competition, The four main releases of the game (and the Fortune Package) were tilted to Red Dead Redemption 2 at the top of the table. Given the RDR2 song, it is appropriate that two very family games will remove the cowboy saga.

Spiro Reignited Trilogi has all the retro nostalgic attractions of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogi, and that's why it's not a surprise to see at the top of the chart. But is that the right number one? The game games have always had a double edition, which led to them splitting them into the British tracking sector, and so while Let's Go Pikachu debuted in the fourth and Let's Go Eevee came to the sixth place, and the combination would hit them at the top of the chart.

This led to a big move for the sale of the Svitch console, which in turn increased the other games of the Svitch thanks to hardware packages, but sales in sales rose to a height that the series saw on 3DS – 60% on the Sun and the Moon and 5 % on Ks and I.

Things were not so pink for other new participants this week. Fallout 76 debuted in third place, but sales dropped 82% in Fallout 4 – I wonder why? – And in tenth place, launch Hitman 2 was reduced by 90% to Hitman Absolution, which is the only real point of comparison when Hitman in 2016 was just a digital, episodic affair. In both cases, digital has probably made many terrain, but for the IO Interactive assault, it does not look great.

With the weight of the big games released during the last few weeks and months, it's not really a surprise that some fight. The game suggests that these could be people who are waiting to finish one game before moving on to the next, but you also need to say that the red Friday of this weekend and the potential savings it offers are also a major factor in changing human purchasing habit. Battlefield V is tomorrow tomorrow, so the tables next week will make a very interesting look to see how it happened.

In the meantime, here's the top 10:

Last week This week title
NOT 1 Spiro Reignited Trilogy
1 2 Red Dead Redemption 2
NOT 3 Fallout 76
NOT 4 Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu
3 5 FIFA 19
NOT 6 Pokemon Let's Go Eevee
2 7 Call of Duty: Black Ops
NOT 8 Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle
6 9 Mario Kart 8 Deluke
NOT 10 Hitman 2


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