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When do Dinasties start at BBC One and what is the new series series Sir David Attenborough?


SIR DAVID Attenborough joined the new series of the BBC series called Dinasties.

But, when does BBC One's program start, what is it, and what animals are shown? Let's go down …

    David Attenborough returns to the BBC One with the dynasties

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David Attenborough returns to the BBC One with the dynasties

The latest science and natural documentary series by David Attenborough begins on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

Episodes of five parterers will be broadcast at 20:30 at BBC One, after which they will be available at iPlayer.

The densities from the team behind the planet Earth II are followed by individual animals in the most critical period of their lives.

Since each of the animals is the ruler – the leader of his family, their army, their pride – they are determined to retain the power and protection of their family, their territory and their dynasties.

However, chances are complex against them because their habitats are under great pressure.

    David's new show Dinasties starts in November 2018

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David's new show Dinasties starts in November 2018

Charlotte Moore, director of the BBC's Directorate, says: "Divan David Attenborough will once again inspire the audience when he brings the natural world to life on the BBC One with the dynasties.

"Four years in creation, taking extraordinary family dynamics and behavior, I hope that these intimate animal drama will connect with the audience, just as the Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II did."

Mike Gunton, executive producer, says: "Once you've made Planet Earth II, it's very exciting now to have the opportunity to show the other, and I think it's even more intense and stronger perspective for the lives of our planet's most impressive but vulnerable creatures."

Tom McDonald, Chief Operating Officer, Natural History and Factual Specialist, says: "The Dynasty is such a recognizable series, with a completely unique approach to bringing audiences into the lives of these iconic animals.

"I am very excited that Ser David will bring an extraordinary story to talk about this incredibly ambitious project – the portrait of our planet at the top for animals, their habitats and our world."

What animals do they have in dynasties?

The first episode will explore the dynasty of the chimpanzee.

He will follow the chimpanzee named David in Senegal as he tries to overcome threats to his leadership.

The second part will look at the animal dynasty below.

  • Lions
  • Hunting dogs
  • Tigers
  • Imperial penguins
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