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A 16-year-old man killed by an expert on child protection


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On Friday, the 16-year-old was presented for a prolonged detention in the District Court Sør Gudbrandsdal. The investigator's request was the same as two weeks ago: a two-week detention for a letter, a visit and a ban on the media, as well as partial isolation. The 16-year-old did not meet the prison sentence, but did not agree to further detention.

– He did not agree to further detention. Now I'm not going to justify this, says 16-year-old defense attorney, lawyer Nora Hallen for NTB.

The District Court of Sør-Gudbrandsdal issued late-night police on Friday afternoon, except that the letter from the parents included only a letter and visited control, informed the NTB.

It allows a guy to visit his parents, but under supervision.

Much to be examined

Thursday was the first hearing of the boys. Previously, informal talks with a 16-year-old were held in custody under the auspices of Criminal Care.

"There are obviously special challenges for young people's issues. The release was held on Thursday by a specially trained person in charge of the examination of children, said police attorney Stina Rigmor Grimstad at the Internal Police Department of the NTB.

The boy is charged with the murder of a 16-year-old girl in a residential area in Sorrento at Vinstra in Oppland on Wednesday, October 31. In addition, he is charged with serious injuries to an adult who was injured in his leg when he came to the scene.

Examine it completely

Grimstad will not comment on the details of the investigation, but says the police have secured everything that can be considered important for the investigation, and digital tracks and other tracks.

A 16-year-old girl was buried on Wednesday from the Sødorp Church in the municipality of Nord-Fron. Presence in the church was so large that the neighboring building was used to accommodate anyone who wanted to attend the funeral.

The police attorney does not want to say what the police know about a possible motive, but reiterates that the only known connection between them was through school.

– We were in the same class before and went to the same school. Some additional relationships between them are not known, Grimstad says.

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