Wednesday , May 12 2021

A good chat solution for all parties –

The Gørvell Cinema Market Plans are getting back from the drawer. It is now a common desire of all parties to set up a new and modern cinema in a new building east of the Plassen staircase. Then it should be possible to do this. This is a good urban development.

The original building was not satisfactory for the Molde cinema. The building should have both a residential and business area next to the cinema, and we fully realized that the cinema manager thought this was not a good solution for the cinema. According to Geir Hammer, it is now a "movie theater building" that can be built, and then all parties should be satisfied. It is risky to set up a commercial building on a plot when you see how many areas of nutrients are empty in the city today.

He did not give up the cinema at Gørvellplassen:

"Our goal is to make a decision before Christmas

Geir Hammerø, director of the cinema, believes that the annual search for the cinema can be increased from 95,000 to 120,000 with five halls instead of the current three. The question is whether Cinema Molde should invest in new buildings in Gørvellplassen, or to rebuild existing premises.

There is a lot of thought about the place where it was built. Crimes were criticized for locking the building in the yard, and the name Plassen was almost laughing. Today criticism has been abolished. The square became a cultural meeting place in the city center. With a library, a gallery, a theater, a jazz festival and a bearson festival, it's just a missing movie. If we get a Molde movie studio on the other side of the staircase, it is a wine-making situation for the entire cultural life and for all users.

The cinema solution right next to Plassen will give new economies of scale for cultural life in Molde. There is already a cafe on the market, and it would be good for them to get 100,000 new kinogens in that area. It will also provide incentives to nearby restaurants. But for Cinema Cinema, the new building will provide the best opportunities for modernizing the actual cinema performance.

Many thought that the movie would die at the time of home video coming, and today TVs are even bigger, sound is better, and movie channels even more. Still, people are attracted to the theater. People will meet outside and movies are still the best in the movie. But this requires that theaters have high standards and good facilities. Kinosjef Hammerø is a capacity in Norwegian cinema and has a good overview of what is needed today. We are therefore confident that the new cinema in Gørvell will be a fantastic incentive for Molde Cinema and Molde Center.

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