Friday , September 24 2021

Andøy municipality links crown infection to Andenes doctor’s office (people should know) – NRK Nordland

This article is more than a month old and may contain outdated advice from the authorities on coronary heart disease.

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In recent weeks, Vesterålen has struggled to gain control of a major outbreak.

Earlier today, the municipality of Andøy reported two new cases of infection.

One of these is related to an Andenes doctor’s office.

According to the same municipality, one of the infected people visited the Andes doctor’s office on Monday 26 July and Friday 30 July.

– We must keep in mind that it may be the delta variant that infected people have, as this variant is now the dominant one in Norway, says infection control doctor Hedda Mørch in a press release.

I wanted to avoid this situation

The municipality of Andøy is now asking everyone who visited the Andenes medical office on Monday 26 and Friday 30 July to be aware of any symptoms.

– This also applies to vaccinated people, says Mørch.

Hedda Mørch

Infection control doctor Hedda Mørch.

Photo: municipality of Linnft / Andøy

Currently, the municipality of Andøy does not have a final number of close contacts. The route of infection is also unknown. Trying to identify where it has become infected.

– Is it a coincidence or a routine failure that patients with coronary heart disease are admitted to a doctor’s office?

– We wish we had taken it in advance and avoided it. It’s a coincidence that this is not the case, says Hedda Mørch, a doctor in charge of infection.

He further explains that he cannot go into details due to the duty of confidentiality towards the patient.

– There have been routines throughout the pandemic to examine patients with coronary heart disease instead. Not at the doctor’s office. Here there were no suspicions of coronary heart disease prior to the office visit.

– So the person in question had no symptoms?

– I can’t answer that. It gets too detailed about this person.

Contact all patients

The two infected have been isolated and quarantined close contacts.

Hedda Mørch says the infection follow-up work is in full swing and that they themselves get in touch with everyone who has had a medical appointment in the office.

– We contact all patients who have been for hours in the doctor’s office for the same period of time. We also ask those who have been to the doctor’s office but have not had time to contact us and be aware of the symptoms.

– Are you worried that this will spread further?

– Yes. We have a continuous outbreak in Vesterålen and now we also get positive tests in Andøy. We still don’t know the route of the infection, and that’s one of the things we need to chart. I encourage anyone with symptoms to contact me as soon as possible.

One week ago, the chief municipal doctor decided to ban visits to nursing homes and nursing homes in Andøy.

However, the decision expired at midnight.

– There is a risk of infection in the local community. Therefore, the mayor recommends that visitors be very careful. Postpone visits if possible and get as few visits as possible, says municipal chief physician Astrid B. Holm.

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