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Andrea Badendick to Faren Islands: – She is not the one I want in my life

ILTER VOTE: Irene Halle and Andrea Badendick did not compare with the farm
ILTER VOTE: Irene Halle and Andrea Badendick did not compare with Farmen. Now the war continues. Photo: Alek Iversen, TV 2


Andrea Badendik lost the battlefield on Sunday and outside Farmen. Now she stretches to her "overcrowd". "She was patron and furious," she said.


Once men have Smoked in orderWas it Sunday? the second female sword on the tail in the autumn "farm". In the end, Irene Halle (35) was the longest straw on the ecstasy competition, and thus the profitable blogger Andrea Badendick (23), out of the reality program.

"It was cool, but I did not take it very seriously. After all, I've been there for so long and I have come further than I thought I should do before the shooting began. I did a lot and started missing my family and them at home. So, this is not a world death, Andrea VG says.

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– Educational

It's no secret that the link between the 23-year-old blogger and weekly opponent Irene Halle is not very friendly. It was worse for Andre.

"It was the last I wanted to lose and it was a bit dizzy. At the same time, Irene was afraid to end the fight," says Andrea, who does not hide that there are not enough reserves for the opponent's Sunday.

"Irene was a patron and scary for me, simply, Popping, she responded negatively, she did not eat meat, it was not good for her, we've been" hiding "in many ways, in addition to walking and talking shit and being a little nice, Andrea thinks.

Irene Halle: "I was very upset with Andree

According to Farmen participants, they tried to have fun on the farm through a 30-minute conversation. It was bad.

"The problem is that Irene does not manage to see how she treated me. We are just unpleasant, says the blogger, who does not need to clean air with the competition and from outside.

"I simply do not care, it is not the one I want in my life at all. I bring those that I consider to be good people in 2018.

Irene Halle does not recognize Andre's performance.

"I was very upset with Andree, but that was because I thought she was a lazy person, which is not her fault when we lived two different lives. I did not even think that playing other people in the game was all right, everyone in the courtyard knew that she tried to turn Nicholas and Kettle around her little finger to avoid being elected, VG said.

– You must eat to survive

Irene thinks she has tried several times to take care of the competitors.

– I called her in our room when she was alone, because I know she's dark. I think it's not right that somebody is scared.


Paal Nigard of Farmen: – I heard I was strong, five clovers

– Andrea thinks you're critical of not eating meat?

"To live a vegetarian is opportunistic and trendy, it is also naive to believe that it is about protecting animals." In a large picture, the environment, which we are saving, is eating less meat, she said.


"Being a vegetarian in 2018 is fine, then you have the option to choose. Many of my girls are there and I do not hate vegetarians for that reason, but when you join Farmen, I do not think you have a choice. Then you have to eat to survive.

– A pity

She thinks that Andrea led the discussions that appeared as a personal attack.

– I have friends I can talk about, without getting acquainted for that reason. She must be allowed to express her views and values ​​that are at the other end of her, without having to be nasty with anyone.

The 35-year-old, who lives in Styorda, claims that Andrea does not mind.

"I also told her that in another world in which we do not work and live together, we would be well-balanced. It's a pity that does not see the same thing.

"I think she will go under her youth to comment on how she works, but I say that you know each other." I want Andrei a lot of luck in my life without me, I will survive, "says Irene Halle VG.

When we make war orders: Lately, after the "Farmen" exit, Andrea Badendick finally got a warm company with her famous and dear.

– Absolutely incredible! In the yard, I thought a lot about how she went with them, and I only saw them and heard the voices of those I love was absolutely beautiful, says VG.

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