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At 10 o'clock comes the answer: Raimond Johansen explains Thorkildsen warnings


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In almost two months, city council leader Raimond Johansen (AP) conducted an investigation into the school council's No Marte Thorkildsen (SV). There is an Internal Audit Section in the city council's management that conducted the research.

Friday at. 10, Johansen will report on treatment at a press conference.

Reason for that

September 7th several directors in the senior management group 21 sent a notice through the central Central Oslo notification system. At the same time, they gave Aftenpost access to the notification, arguing, inter alia, that Thorkildsen acted contrary to the Law on the Work Environment against Agency Employees.

The warnings also meant that Thorkildsen acted contrary to the procurement rules of the municipality, in favor of the Foundation for Changing the Factory, where it had previously been employed. In addition, several other episodes and conditions were mentioned in the notice.

September 18th a new notice has been sent. The warnings meant that Thorkildsen violated his legal protection against retaliation when she reported on the problems of cooperation with the management of the educational agency after the announcement.

September 25th a third notice was issued, arguing that the city council, including City Council leader Raymond Johansen, had violated its statutory duty of confidentiality by leaking into the media.

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Ba's school director goes

After the warning, it became apparent that in time there were serious problems of collaboration between the City Council and the Executive Committee of the Committee on Education.

It became known, among other things, that city council leader Raimond Johansen, before the first remark, asked strong and long-time school principal Astrid Søgnen to leave when she reached the age of 67. Initially he has the right to stand in the position until he is 70 years old.

Thursday, November 8th, Sønen was 67 years old, but she did not leave. Søgnen hired lawyer Jan Fugner at the law firm Viersholm, one of the most experienced law labor lawyers in the country, with the desire to continue working.

At the same time, Sakskpleks got a clear political side.

In two months, the bourgeois opposition in the city council asked Thorkildsen to explain and conclude allegations of cooperation problems. The agency is obliged to inform the city council, but it has not yet responded – in connection with ongoing investigations.

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