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Bella Thorne – – Right after the compromise: – It's not in a good mood


The loving life of the Disney star Bella Thorne (21) has been all but easy last year. He has been in a relationship with Youtuber Tana Mongeau (21) and with rapper Mod Sun (32), whose real name is Derek Smith, at the same time, but at the beginning of this whole romance he entered the sink.

Shortly after the break between Tana and Bella, the first revealed that she had been jailed with her YouTube colleague Jake Paul, who apparently was happy with Tanas.

Now, however, it seems that the good tone, and not least, the friendship that they kept after the rest, is too good.

On Monday night, according to the people, two people fired a hot fight in front of all its followers on Twitter.

– Talk to me

"There is no longer a good atmosphere between Tana and me. He broke our rules. I finished", write the profile of Disney.

What both do not agree has not yet been advanced, and it may seem that Tana is not entirely aware of what has happened between them. She responded to the Twitter message with several question marks and the following message:

"You often share on Twitter that you are angry with me, but then you tell people that you care … what father is this?"

"You started getting to know me really because of Twitter. What do you have to answer on the phone and talk to me instead of being on Twitter?", Respond Bella Thorne.

As mentioned, we do not know why the two disputes in social networks, but the pipe has had a completely different sound in no time.

By the end of June, everything seemed to be among the prettiest, and when Tana committed herself, Bella was one of the first to congratulate. The 21 year old responded to the good news by publishing a photo of her, where tears flowed clearly through her cheeks.

Together through thick and thin

– When your ex is engaged, he wrote to the images, followed by a number of crying emojis.

The image is divided into what Instagram describes as "Finsta", unknown profiles of celebrities where they share "more real images," according to People. In addition, in its original Instagram profile, Bella shared some words to the former, which was supposedly launched during her birthday.

– Thick and thin. I love Tana, congratulations on the day that beautiful, beautiful, special girl, wrote in an image where the two seem to kiss each other.

– I love forever, Tana commented.

tears; The actress launched a weeping video after being criticized for leaked nude images.
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