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Charles will be a good king for his country


When Prince of Wales leaves his 70th birthday, he works with the love of Camilla on his side. Not all are equally appreciated, says a royal expert.

On February 6, 1952, 25-year-old Princess Elizabeth returned to the royal hunting house in Kenya, where she traveled with her husband, Prince Philip. There she handed a message that her father, King George VI, fell into her home in England after several years of cancer.

During the night, young Elizabeth, from the princess, went to the queen for the entire British Commons. Today is the ruler who is most seated on the throne. Prince Charles, who himself became the crown prince in the fourth year, had a different approach to the rule of law from his mother. In the era when most people start preparing for retirement, Charles is still waiting to be king.

– Charles is preparing for this role since his teenage years – and I think he will be a good king for his country when that time comes, says the expert of Royal TV 2 Kjell Arne Totland for ABC Niheter.

Lonely childhood

Prince Charles came to the world on November 14, 1948, as the eldest son of the future of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and Prince Philip. While his mother had ten years of relatively brutal childhood, while his father had crossed the throne in 1936, Charles felt a huge expectation from the early year.

Princess Elizabeth admires her first cousin in this picture at the Christmas Eve of the Bakingeme Palace in 1948. Photo: AP

American historian and author Salli Bedell Smith describes Charles as a silent and sensitive child. He will look at his education at the strict Scottish private school Gordonston as a prison sentence.

It would take a long time between each time he saw something for his parents or spent a good time with them.

"Elizabeth was often away from Charles in her childhood, spent as much time as she could with her husband, Philip, who served as an officer in the Royal Navy and served in Malta, celebrating her son's first birthday, and since then she has been abroad, separated from Charles at long intervals , writes Bedell Smith at Vaniti Fair.

Prince Philip barely knew his son during the first two years of Charles's life. The relationship between them was tense and turbulent over all the years – before Diana married in 1981, Charles and Philip communicated exclusively by correspondence, according to the authors.

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Charles with her mother, father and sister Anne on the lawn at Klarens House in London, a year before Elizabeth took over the throne. Photo: AP

Polarized connection with people

Kjell Arne Totland, the leading Norwegian leading house expert, met what the kings can write and go, including the bride's bride.

"I was pleased to meet Prince Charles several times – here in the UK, and I feel like a friendly and acceptable man – alive and interested in what is happening around him, ABC News reports.

– How is the British relationship with Prince of Vales?

"It has been fairly polarized for many years – perhaps especially after the sudden and brutal passing of Princess Diana in 1997.

"However, I think I note the growing respect and understanding of the heirs in recent years – especially after TV documentaries and books about him in the 70s.

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«Perfect Match»

Since he is older, Charles soon became a sought-after master. The press loved writing about the Prince's love life and connected him with more glamorous and aristocratic beauties. Particularly good was his relationship with Camilla Shand, later Parker Bovles, from which they began to give in 1971.

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In 1969, Queen Elizabeth II visited Norway with her family. Here we see the Crown Prince Harald (in the middle), Prince Philip (t.h.) and Prince Charles (i.e.), on the way to Fiva Farm in the Indalsnes for fishing. Photo: NTB archive / Scanpik

In the book "Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of the Unbelievable Life," Salli Bedell describes these two as "the perfect match."

"Charles loved Camilla so much on earth that she loved life in the country and was not interested in fashion, and they shared the same humor, and she always heard what he had to say. It was natural that Charles fell on her writes Bedel Smit.

In 1973, the relationship ended, partly because Charles was published abroad while in the Navy. Another reason Camilla should be "a problematic reputation" for having sex with Andrew Parker Bovles. Later that year she married Andrea, but from time to time he met Charles secretly.

Dad's pressure to marry

When he was in his early thirties, the pressure on Charles was getting increased. It was expected that a potential bride should have a royal or aristocratic background, she should be a virgin and a Protestant. All these conditions were fulfilled by thirteen years younger lady Diana Spencer.

Prince Charles and Diana Spencer were introduced in February 1981 when they announced their engagement. Photo: AP / NTB scanpik

In February 1981, the news was that Charles and Diana Spencer were hired, and in July of the same year they were also placed at the "wedding of the century", where both gave their name to the cathedral of Sv. Paul, while nearly a billion television viewers followed a wedding ceremony around the world.

But in his book, Bedel discovers that Charles should have felt the pressure of his father to marry Diana.

The press at one point wondered if Charles and Diana had spent two nights together before they were engaged, after which Filip sent a letter to his son, threatening him closest to marrying to save Diana.

"He did not fall in love with Diana, he was not ready, he assumed that his father was in love with him, and he read the letter as a newsletter," says the book by a friend of the family Pamela Hicks.

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– Excessively different

Kjell Arne Totland thinks it was scared between a prince and a young man, at least initially.

– "What does love mean than …", Charles himself said on the day of his engagement. I think Diana took it and looked forward to sharing life and starting a family with her. However, these two were essentially too different, both in mind and interesthe believes.

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Prince Charles and Diana Spencer are married at the Cathedral of Sv. Paul on July 29, 1981. The wedding was seen by almost a billion television viewers. Photo: AP

The couple received the son of Prince William and Prince Harry together, but in the second half of the 80s it was obvious that there were problems in marriage, and in 1992 they were separated. In connection with the television documentary in 1994, Charles admitted that he and Camilla Parker Bovles continued contacting after the marriage with Diane began to shave.

In 1996, the divorce was officially – a year before Diana lost her life in a tragic accident in Paris.

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Before and after Camille

Camilla Parker Bovles separated from her husband in 1995, and ten years later Charles and Camilla finally could announce their engagement. On April 9, 2005, a wedding ceremony was held between the two in the city hall of Windsor, and then a religious blessing took place in the chapel of St. Yuri in the Trapped Windsor.

Charles himself does not hesitate to call Camille's "stone", and Charles undoubtedly looks much happier and happier in public with Camille next to her, commented Totland.

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There was mixed feelings among people when it became clear that Charles continued to have a relationship with Camille. Not everyone loved the idea of ​​marrying her. Photo: AP Photo / Martin Cleaver

What did marriage with Kamil have to say about the relationship between the prince and the people, and for that, the prince and the press?

"It will not go beyond the fact that some Britons still have problems to accept Camila as the salvation of Charles, and that continues to contribute to some polarization in thought.

"But I think most people with the hand on your heart see that Charles and Camilla are a good team to help and complement each other," says the host's king before proceeding:

"Among the journalists who follow them on their travels around the world, two are very popular – and Camilla is seen by many of them as the most dominant and gracious in the royal family.

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Before his time

While the Norwegian royal family seems very noticeable and sincerely happy to behave in another company in the public space, the British royal tradition has traditionally proved to be somewhat more formal and "stricter" in public than it can get used to here at home. But we've also seen it softer in recent years, and it's not just for the younger generation.

– Prince Charles and his Camilla are exponents for a more comfortable style – especially when traveling abroad. I experienced myself when they were guests of our royal couple in Oslo a few years ago, Totland says.

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The British royal family can also smile, as here during the 90th birthday celebrations in 2012. Photo: Reuters / NTB Scanpik

Despite the politically neutral role, the prince expressed his opinion of everything, from modern architecture to organic agriculture, which does not always fall into equally good land. At the conference in Oslo in 2010, climatic peaks gave agricultural sand.

– Many Prince's questions from Wales have always been busy and being criticized for comments, things that are at the top of the agenda all over the world – such as protecting the environment, the welfare of animals and preserving the past of architecture, Totland states.

"I think he still wants to show his interest in these issues as a monarch – but to a lesser extent he comes up with controversial controversy, while Prince Charles is not a wise man who will be very aware of his new role. Or as he himself said in the new TV documentary the other day, "I'm not that stupid".

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– An impatient man

The 70th birthday of the princess has already been marked in several ways, but on the same day on Wednesday, November 14, there is a reception desk and a dinner at the Bakingem Palace in London with royal guests from many countries. On our guest list we find our own couple of kings and a couple of prince's princes.

In a documentary sent to the BBC, Prince Villiam and Prince Harry speak of an father working from early morning to late evening. They hope to retire and spend more time with their grandchildren, although they are skeptical about the fact that this will really happen.

"He is an impatient man, who would do things yesterday. I think those who work with him mark said Charles's wife, Dukeess Camilla, in the same interview.

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Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, visited the Lincoln Memorial during their trip to Washington in 2015. Photo: AP / Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Kjell Arne Totland is convinced that one day we will see Charles on the throne as the king by his mother. The idea that a name can be given directly to his eldest son Prince William is quickly deleted.

"To skip the generation has never been an actual theme for Queen Elizabeth and her family. It is natural for them to follow the Prince of Wales to follow her mother as the next monarch of Britain.

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