Friday , February 26 2021

– For Joe Biden, this is like jumping after Eddie the Eagle

“It’s almost safe to say that Trump is in the absolute lower tier of U.S. presidents,” U.S. expert Hans Olav Lahlum said during a Civita digital event Monday night. He believes Trump, in general, has overstepped the bounds of what a president can afford and has coined the phrase “jump after Wirkola.”

– For Joe Biden, this is like jumping after Eddie the Eagle, he joked with Lahlum and referred to perhaps the most failed jumper in the history of the sport.

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The worst of times?

Civita’s act, in which thousands of people had expressed interest in advance, was aimed at answering the question, “Is Donald Trump the worst president of all time?” Author Hans Olav Lahlum, who has previously written a book on American presidents, was interviewed by Eirik Løkke.

The two worked from George Washington to Donald Trump. Along with some weak nineteenth- and twentieth-century presidents, such as James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson, Lahlum placed Donald Trump completely in the “absolute lower layer” of American presidents throughout history. James Buchanan sat from 1857 to 1861 and was the president who was accused of leading the United States into the Civil War, while Lincoln’s successor, Andrew Johnson, was a man who, among other things, allow the Ku Klux Klan to grow.

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Trump – in fascist?

Lahlum gave Donald Trump bad treatment, among other things, for his treatment of the pandemic, but placed special emphasis on the dramatic last months of his presidency. As a systematic undermining of the election result, his role in the storm of Congress on January 6 and therefore risks the Supreme Court for the second time.

– I don’t want to call it a coup, but it was a violent attack on democracy, Lahlum said about the assault on Congress. He also hesitated to call Trump a fascist in the historical sense. He claims to see both authoritarian and anti-democratic traits in Trump, but said:

– I don’t think he’s a fascist. But I understand very well that you make this comparison, especially if you look at it with the belief of a strong and authoritarian leader who demands absolute loyalty, and no less important: his disrespect for choices.

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