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Forgotten to subscribe to insurance – lose everything in the fire – NRK Rogaland – Local News, TV and Radio


– I'm on the hill at the bar. All I do and keep for 30 years is gone, says Jeanette Dirseth with crying.

She, co-author Tobias Steinswick and their three children were visiting Steve's parents at Vikebig when a fire broke out on Friday.

When the police called them, the family threw themselves into a car home in a house in Quelle, Haugesund. But there was nothing to do. Absolutely all of your stuff disappeared into the fire.

And the couple has no insurance that can cover losses.

"We've learned a hard way now," says Dirset.

It was Haugesund's paper, the first to write about it.

Would you save some money?

Dirseth always had insurance, but the previous flat where the family lived was equipped. So it was not so important for home insurance, and Dirseth turned him off to save some money.

And when they moved to a house in Quebec, the baby came to the world.

– Then you go to your own balloon. It was completely forgotten, and it took me many hours after the fire before I realized that we lost everything we lost, because we do not have insurance, says Dirseth.

– Everyone must check whether they have income tax and other insurance, because I do not use it for anyone! she encourages.

One in ten is not

About one in ten Norwegians do not have insurance. This is a survey conducted by Gjensidige in 2013. According to spokeswoman Bjarna Aani Risstad, the number is the same today.

"We think it's a shame. Those who do not have insurance cover a high risk if the worst happens," he says.

Among those who do not have insurance, Risstad believes that few of them have made a conscious decision not to have them.

Head of Information Bjarne Aani Risstad in Gjensidige

Bjarne Aani Risstad, chairman of the Gjensidigeu presidency.

Photo: reciprocal

It's often a little confusing that insurance comes with the property.

"If you live in blocks or in other unions, there is a fire insurance through a residential team that covers real estate, but the more people do not know that this insurance does not contain any insurance. You need to draw it yourself, he says.

According to Risstad, your stuff is often worth more than you think.

"When you calculate what they are wearing and trousers, there will soon be many thousands of dollars," he says.

Covered by support

In Haugesund, after all, there are several bright spots for Jeanette Dirseth and the family.

– People brought clothes and equipment. There was an envelope that helped us financially. It's completely immense. I would like to thank everyone who thought and helped us. So I'm grateful for absolutely everything, he says.

The Haugesund People's Heart Association also helped. Among other things, the organization has been replaced for a week at the family hotel.

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