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Here are all scenarios that can affect Norway


Resistance in such a game is the second winner of the Level C league. Before the last round, teams are in the driver's seat and therefore potential opponents for Norway: Israel, Finland and Serbia. The last two are already
clearly as group winners.

In order to become a winner in the group, Norway has to do it well or better than Bulgaria in the last match. Norway faces Cyprus as Bulgaria meets with Slovenia at home. Since the two teams are quite similar to the mutual settlement
(UEFA's first criteria to distinguish two teams is equal to points), this is the target difference that becomes the decisive factor.

The Lars Lagerback crew has a slightly better goal (+1 goal in the Norwegian preference) and therefore Norway will win the group if both teams play a link or if they should lose or win the same margin.

If Bulgaria wins 2-0 and Norway only 1-0, Bulgarians will win in the group. Then both teams have four plus goals, but the Bulgarians have a total goal difference of 8-4 against Norway 6-2. So, the Bulgarians will be most realistic
the results have won a group in several goals from Norway if they win with two and Norway wins only one. However, there are exceptions.

If the results were 2-0 in Bulgaria and 3-2 in Norway, both teams will stand with a score of 8-4. Then you like the most goals scored, and the decisive factor will be in place the total number of goals scored in the league.
At the moment, Norway is one goal and Bulgaria three, but this would be a key factor, Norway must score these three away goals against Cyprus to score 3-2. Thus, Norway will win the group
This case, of course, also occurs if they become 3-1 in Bulgaria and 3-4 in Cyprus, 4-2 in Bulgaria and 4-5 in Cyprus, 3-0 in Bulgaria and 4-2 in Norway, etc.

2. Be among the two best music groups
If Norway fails to win the group, it is still important
to be as good as possible grouping. The two best group shows are at the collection level of three in the draw for regular EM qualifications held in Dublin on December 2nd. The two worst group melodies come to the fourth level.
Better scoring, the greater the likelihood of easier resistance to qualifications, and although it still meets teams 1 and 2 here, it may be very helpful to avoid a potentially good team and from level 3 itself
to enter that level.

The higher Norway is among the first, it is more likely that Norway will get a chance to play the C-Division "bonus place" in the European Championship if the team fails in a regular qualification. Four winners of the group
such a chance is guaranteed if they do not qualify for their own machines, but if one or more of them do, the turning of the C Division is filled with the best.

In rank two, there are results against groups of winners and group crafts that are applied. Fighting harder is eliminated because there are only three teams in Group C. Currently, Norway has six points after three matches
Bulgaria is ready for the tour. There will be seven points, as Slovenia will be the last in the group.

  • If Norway wins Cyprus, but Bulgaria defeated Slovenia with a larger number and became a group winner, Norway will certainly be the best tour (nine points).
  • With draw against Cyprus while Bulgaria gets it Norway will probably be the second best seven-point tour.
  • and if with loss there's a chance to be the second best tour and they saw on the third level in draw EM.

Just look here:
Group 1:
If Group 1 is the winner in the group finals between Scotland and Israel, the winner will
get six points and get a better goal than Norway wanting to lose in Cyprus. In other words, it is impossible to conquer Norway better than here if you lose yourself but will have an unsustainable game. Will it be in the final in the group?
Here, Scotland is a 7-point tour. Then Norway must win the ranking in front of them. Scotland and Israel meet on Tuesday.

Group 2:
The group ended on Sunday
Tonight, I ended up shocking enough that Greece lost home against the Group Island in Estonia. In this way they brought Hungary the second place in the group, which can be stupid for Norway. Hungary has done business for Finland, as before
won the group's victory and finished with six points on the tour. They have a goal difference of 4-3, while Norway is currently 3-1. If Norway lost 0-1 in Cyprus, Hungary will be a better group tour than Norway. (We had Greece
they were on tour as they looked, they would have had such a bad difference that Norway had to lose with at least three goals in Cyprus, which would have been transferred to the Tournament Table of the tournament in this pool. It's a trick, a loss of goal
enough to be adopted.

Group 4:
If Serbia wins the group, which is likely to be met Tuesday with insignificant Lithuania, the runner will have four points (if Montenegro wins
In Romania or finishes) or six points (if Romania wins). In the second case, Romania needs to improve its target gap against Norway. Currently, Norway has 3-1 and Romania 2-2. Montenegro-Romania
played on Tuesday.

3. Become one of the two best group winners
When you reach the upcoming game in 2020, there will be two semi-finals
and a final between four teams that won their teams. As a result, it is not a populated place, as has traditionally been in such matches, but two individual semifinals to two of the four remaining teams
home spaces.

The home teams in these semi-finals are defined according to which the winners of the group are best. Here are the advantages of achieving the two best group winners. The best winner is the fourth best winner in the field, while the other is best
He won the third best winner on his field.

Currently, Norway is the leader of the group with ten points, but as in the previous case with a group tournament, matches on the lower team will be ironed. So, Norway currently has six points on a real matching table against other group leaders
immediately. The same is Israel and Finland, who meet with Scotland and Hungary in the last two matches. Serbia, according to. now leads Group 4, has eight points, but ended up against the teams that count on this table. Yes that
that they defeated Lithuania and actually became winners in the group, Norway would thus be a better winner than those who fled Cyprus. If Serbia loses and Romania wins the group, it will mean that they have beaten Montenegro. However, they have
only three points against the resistance that is not Lithuania, and then will finish with six points on one chair.

4. To get as many points as possible
All teams in the League of Nations have an international ranking list of Nations, as
Spring 2020 can be applied. Many (most) A & B teams want to qualify through regular qualifications, and places in those final games will be filled with teams that are not similar. There will be a total here
Points in the Nation League could be recorded in terms of the possibility of securing free space.

The team is taken to play from any of:

  • lower level (if there are group winners from the existing level to participate in the defense)
  • higher level (if there are no winners of the group from the existing level to participate in the defense)

In other words, it is enough to set the value at level C to finally get into, for example, level A, if teams at level A and B already qualify for plaioff in the European Championship.

Svensson: – The task of the trainer is to instruct the players at the base exactly what is happening in the second match
Only on Monday, according to the national team, it is only the owner of the group and counts on the result only
Bulgaria in Sofia, and even better than this, which means something. Jonas Svensson, who was one of those who were on the bench in the fight against Slovenia, potentially doing the same in most of the matches in Cyprus, so he gets questions
TV 2 o much information that a group of players gets in advance from different scenarios and tables.

– Hehe. That's a good question. We'll have a meeting tonight, so I guess they're going through some scenarios. When we played the last, we had Plan B what we need to do to throw points. It may soon happen that we must
correctly presented to chase scoring and, otherwise, it's good to have some appropriate plans for what to do. But coaches know exactly what happens in the second match, and they find instructions
players towards him, says right back to TV 2 on Sunday.

Perry: – To think about all this, forget to think about playing football
Assistant coach Per Joar Hansen concentrates on control in his ranks.

"The control is that we play our own fight and we have complete control over it, and of course we have a person in Bulgaria who monitors the fight with mobile communication with our bench. Then we are absolutely sure that it is not
any TV signal or such thing that means we do not know what's going on.

– Who's seated with the phone on the Norwegian bench?

"We have one with a very nice mobile phone that will inform us if anything is happening.

"Do not consider things like the best table, the best winners, the highest ratings, and so on?

"If you think about all of this, then forget to finally think about playing football, I think we will concentrate first on winning, that's point 1 and we focus on that. We focus on what we can influence,
and what can happen to our way. What happens next does not get anything special, "says Lars Lagerback, the closest hand.

In the end, "Perry" must eventually have a control question:

– If Norway wins 3-2 and Bulgaria wins 2-0: Who wins the group?

"That's a very good question, and then I have to think about it, I can not take this blow now, because it focuses entirely on winning my own game." What's happening down there is, we can not influence it anyway.
We can influence what is here and this is our focus, "says Hansen Sundai.

Monday, it will stink at a match between Cyprus and Norway, watching TV 2 from 20.45. (Sending starts at 20.00).

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